Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone,

My name is Jaskeerat Kaur Malik. I just found this site and I am so interested to read others views on Sikhism.

----Free Spirit (Jaskeerat)
Welcome Dear Jaskeerat, :)

You are indeed a free spirit...:) Please feel free to raise/share any of your questions/thoughts/ideas as you are a young representative of world youth and Sikh youth in particular.

Enjoy your stay over here...
Dear Saihajleen Kaur ji,

Welcome to the forum. Do contribute more. More and more participation by learned members is needed.

Regards, Arvind.
Dear Free Spirit (Jaskeerat),

I guess we already know you from your writings :)

Keep up the good work and quest for knowledge.

Proud of you, Arvind.


Sat Sri Akal Brothers and Sisters

I am Gauge and I hope this note finds you all in Chardhi Kala.

I live in Australia and eke out a mundane living.

Since I have begun reading Guruji, I have peace of mind and happiness.

I am a slow learner. But I have found the Teacher of Teachers!


p.s. I wish I could reduce the number of "I"s in my statements.


Thank you for the warm welcome, dear Arvind.

I will spend some time reading seriously here, before I join in the discussion.

There are very knowledgeable people and opinions here. I am but a fool, and I have a fool's way of contributing. But I will try when I understand how I can contribute to the discussion. Till then, I will just read and learn.


p.s. I wish I could learn to use less "I"s in my sentences.


Eye think you might be on to something there.

I am only just beginning to open my eyes. And the more they open, the less the "I" becomes.

Welcome dear Gauge, :)

Thanks a lot for accepting our humble offer to join the network. Hope to learn a lot from your side.

Please enjoy your stay over these forums and enlighten the sangat with your thoughts.

With Best Regards

Tejwant Singh

Dear Gauge,

Guru Fateh.

We appreciate your presence in here. I hope you can help us gauge ourselves from the GURMAT point of view:)

Peace & Love


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