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Jun 1, 2004
Dear SPn'ers, SPN has goe high-tech! Now you can meet fellow SPN'ers for lively debates and discussions by visiting the following link:

🔗 Sikh Philosophy Network

You can download Telegram app on your mobile & desktop devices at the following link:

🔗 Telegram – a new era of messaging

❤️ Telegram's desktop app allows you to run the group on your computers and laptops all the time.

🙏 If you face any difficulty in installing or using this Application, please let us know.

This platform would allow our members to stay connected in a more organized manner.

SPN-Telegram Group is still in its infancy as we are developing the platform and its scope of activites.

Please stay tuned for more information.


Dec 2, 2021
Welcome to the forum, fellow Alevite ;)

We shouldn't be differentiating religions and giving them names. All religions are ONE. All paths lead to the 'Oneness'. Why don't we suggest a new name for it instead of Islam ? Afterall, Sikhism is yet another form of Islam.
Its seemingly a very old post. No reply is expected. But its Strange and simply so.!!
Can it be amplified as to how 'Sikhism is another form of Islam' besides the fragrant reality that both are monotheistic?
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