Implementation Of Integrated Child Development Services

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    Implementation of Integrated Child Development Services

    PIB Press Release

    Implementation of Integrated Child Development Services
    As per the Registrar General of India data on Causes of Deaths, 2001-03, 2.81% of deaths amongst children have been reported due to nutritional deficiency. However, it may be one of the underlying causes even in deaths occurring in prenatal conditions, diarrhoea, respiratory infections and other infections and parasitic disease. Further, perpetual under nutrition results in low resistance to infections and increased morbidity.

    The implementation of the scheme of ICDS was reviewed with the State Governments in December 2009. The Chief Secretaries have been requested to address the gaps and deficiencies for effective implementation of the scheme of ICDS.

    The number of underweight children in India is highest because of the large population base of the country. The problem of malnutrition is multi-dimensional and inter-sectoral in nature. Therefore, a coordinated and multi sectoral approach is needed to tackle the problem of malnutrition and resultant morbidity which may lead to mortality in certain cases of severe acute malnutrition. A single sector or scheme cannot address the problem of malnutrition. Besides the ICDS programme, Government is implementing a number of other schemes throughout the country, which directly or indirectly affect the nutritional status of women and children.

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