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  1. Admin

    World The World Has Failed Her. Humanity Has Failed Her. We've Failed Her

    "His face suddenly drops. He squeezes his bottom lip between his teeth and gently lifts up his hands. Where he remains like that without a word. Its is not exactly easy to cheer the child who thought the camera was a machine gun about to strike him. Adi Hudea, only 4 years old, lost his father...
  2. spnadmin

    Canada New Campaign Raises Awareness About Child Sexual Abuse

    New campaign raises awareness about child sexual abuse By Tamara Elliott http://globalnews.ca/news/1177861/new-campaign-raises-awareness-about-child-sexual-abuse/ CALGARY- A campaign has been launched to address the sexual abuse of children in Calgary’s Indo-Canadian community. The...
  3. S

    Would You Punish Your Child Without Telling Them Why?

    What would you call a person who feels someone has committed a heinous crime and that this someone should be punished (understandable ) but suppose that someone loses his memory of what he had done ! and now he has effectively become in his own perception an innocent person but you remember...
  4. aristotle

    Christianity Pope Under Fire Over Vatican Envoy Child Sex Probe

    VATICAN CITY: Pope Francis came under fire from victims groups on Thursday following news that he had quietly sacked the Vatican's envoy to the Dominican Republic over allegations of paedophilia. "Like all of his predecessors, Pope Francis is acting belatedly, secretively and recklessly,"...
  5. spnadmin

    UK Leicester Child Prostitution Trial: 'Other Sikh Girls' Involved With Men

    This story needs eventually to be merged with pre-existing threads as we had been following the beginning of the arrests and trial. For now it is free-standing, at least until I find those earlier threads. Leicester child prostitution trial: 'Other Sikh girls' involved with men...
  6. findingmyway

    Adoption: Why Is It Taboo?

    The Big Questions on Population: 7 April 2013 - YouTube Adoption seems to be a big taboo among many groups including people who hail from the Indian subcontinent. Why is this? Why are people reluctant to adopt? Why the emphasis on passing on your own genes? When children are adopted, why are...
  7. linzer

    India Call On The Indian Parliament To Abolish Child Slavery In India By Immediately Passing The Child And

    The following sponsored email was sent to you from WalkFree.org via AlterNet: <TABLE style="WIDTH: 700px" border=0 cellSpacing=1 summary="" cellPadding=1 align=center><TBODY><TR><TD> Dear AlterNet Reader, Every day, millions of children in India wake up to long hours of back-breaking...
  8. Tejwant Singh

    Christianity Losing My Religion: Why I'm Raising My Child To Believe In Science, Not God

    Losing My Religion: Why I'm Raising My Child to Believe in Science, Not God By Babble.com | Parenting – 3 hours ago Every two or three blocks on the avenues of downtown Brooklyn, a big old stone church rises from the ranks of the brownstones. A couple of weeks ago, my little boy Felix...
  9. Archived_Member16

    India Delhi Seethes In Anger Over Child's Rape, Protests Spread

    Delhi seethes in anger over child's rape, protests spread PTI - Apr 20, 2013, 07.09 PM IST Accused arrested from in-law's home in Bihar Bihar village orders boycott of accused's family NEW DELHI: In a throwback to days of December last, Delhi on Saturday seethed in anger over the...
  10. Tejwant Singh

    Sikhism 14-year Old Child Wants To Become A Sikh

    A 14 year old child wants to become a Sikh - YouTube
  11. A

    What Would You Do If Your Child Did Not Believe In God

    Hi everyone. I'm a 19 year old boy. I keep my hair, I have a non trimmed beard. but the funny thing is i don't believe in god. I don't want to spark any religious debates as to weather or not god exists but lately I've found myself quite depressed. My belief in God became weaker and weaker, but...
  12. spnadmin

    Lohri. Celebration Of Agni, Celebrating The Male Child ?

    Sadly, the image attached to this thread is from the New York Times and was titled the Image of the Day, January 13, 2012. A turbaned Sikh man, to quote:..."prays as he takes a ritualistic circle around a bonfire during the Lohri festival in Amritsar, Punjab. Singing and dancing around a bonfire...
  13. BhagatSingh

    USA Should Men Get A Say In When Women Should Have A Child?

    The power to bring life into the world is perhaps one of the world's greatest powers, and this is a God-given gift to women. They have the power to give birth to new life, and that is awesome. The process of a single cell growing in a matter of months to a human child and in a matter of years to...
  14. Archived_Member16

    Opinion The Tragedy Of Child Brides

    The Tragedy of Child Brides Gordon Brown: Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom; UN Special Envoy for Global Education Posted: 10/09/2012 8:20 am This Thursday the first International Day of The Girl Child aims to focus attention on two major issues affecting millions of vulnerable...
  15. namjiwankaur

    World Child Refugees Describe Life In Syria – Video Interactive

    Save the Children filmed the accounts of six Syrian children living with their families in a refugee camp in the north of Jordan. Over 65% of camp inhabitants are children, many of whom are traumatised by the violence they have witnessed in Syria. The children describe hearing bombs dropping...
  16. Ambarsaria

    India Child Sacrificed, Liver Offered To Gods: Indian Police

    A seven-year-old Indian girl was murdered in a tribal sacrifice and her liver offered to the gods to improve crop growth, police in the central state of Chhattisgarh said on Sunday. The body of Lalita Tati was found in October one week after her family reported her missing. "A seven-year-old...
  17. N

    Dealing With Your Sikh Child's Drug & Alcohol Addiction

    Sat Sri Akal, I belong to a very religious Sikh family, and I am a mother of an 18 year old son who has been abusing alcohol & drugs for the past 3 years. My husband and I have tried to help him but unfortunately we have had no success in our efforts to stop him from using drugs & alcohol...
  18. R

    Fight Against Child Abuse

    this is a reality in our Nation especially when a female child is adopted by crooks Wall Photos Hit like and Share this post..just to fight against Child abuse i know you all support us..against this fight
  19. R

    Legal Corporal Punishment May Not Be Used To Discipline Chlldren

    Corporal punishment cannot be practiced in the name of disciplining child: Shantha Sinha National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) Chairperson Prof. Shantha Sinha has stressed the need to eliminate all forms of corporal punishment practiced in the name of...
  20. R

    Legal 72 Charged In Online Gobal Child Porn Ring

    Washington (CNN) -- More than 50 members of a child pornography ring who engaged in what authorities describe as "horrific" and "unspeakable" crimes have been arrested for sexually exploiting children from 12 years old to as young as infants. Top federal law enforcement officials say agents...