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God: The Invisible Man Floating In The Clouds


Sep 14, 2010
... totting up rights and wrongs ready for the day of judgement. And then we enter heaven or hell when put on the balance.

WGJKKWGJKF everyone,

Just a brief introduction so you know where I'm coming from in this post. I was born in UK and have parents that came from Punjab in India. I was born in a Sikh family and although I haven't practiced religion or spirituality, I turned to religion because chasing my material desires finally made my mind beat itself into submission. It is difficult when you don't truly understand what, exactly, this chasing, and wanting, and making, and list goes on is all about. Most people, now I know I'm probably generalising here but based on my frame of reference, emigrated simply for material gain. Good money, a promise of a better life and maybe deep down without realising trying to find peace in material gain.

Another thing I believe is that after coming to the West, my parents as well as many others seem to have latched onto this idea that God is this invisible man in the sky. And that 'he' is watching us and keeping a list of rights and wrongs for each one of us deciding if we get tickets into heaven or hell. Recently, past 6 months or so I take all my accumulated knowledge as mere skepticism, beliefs can change overnight, and far as I am concerned a belief is nothing more than a preprogrammed, emotionally charged thought pattern with no absolute reality.

Now through direct experience with stillness, transmuting old locked down meaningless emotions I experienced god and came to the realisation that God is in fact the universe and nature. Or worded another way god is the flow of the universe and it's chaotic nature. Any resistance to the flow generates our suffering and this is my reducing ourselves to meaningless little fragments that are never enough, always on the chase for more.

Anyways, that's my 2 cents. If any of that resonated with you please reply. With emphasis on what you think God is.





Aug 17, 2010
World citizen!
Dear Harninder ji

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I think you might enjoy this thread:

Confining God to the sky or Gurdwara makes guilty people feel better ;)
Beliefs are very important but should never be set in stone. I have a very questioning mind so reject rituals. The Sikhi I follow is very different to the Sikhi those around me follow as understanding is harder than blindly following!
Best wishes,