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  1. IJSingh

    Wisconsin Killings: Threatening Clouds, Silver Linings

    Why revisit a tragedy? On Oct. 5, it would be exactly two months since Wade Michael Page, a United States army veteran, picked up his gun, went to a nearby gurduara (a Sikh place of worship) in Oak Creek, Wis., and started shooting the worshippers. He killed six Sikhs and injured others...
  2. N

    God: The Invisible Man Floating In The Clouds

    ... totting up rights and wrongs ready for the day of judgement. And then we enter heaven or hell when put on the balance. WGJKKWGJKF everyone, Just a brief introduction so you know where I'm coming from in this post. I was born in UK and have parents that came from Punjab in India. I was born...
  3. Sinister

    Nature Looming Death Clouds Over Bhopal 25 Years Later

    BHOPAL, India (AP) -- Hazra Bi wishes she could forget. But her damaged family is a living reminder of that December night 25 years ago when lethal gas leaked from a pesticide plant in Bhopal, India, in the worst industrial disaster the world has ever seen. The gas that swept through her poor...
  4. S

    Sikh News Boycott Clouds PM Show

    ... Not a single member of the Sikh community turned up to hear Singh following a boycott call by the Jharkhand Sikh Welfare Society (JSWS), which is demanding ... http://www.telegraphindia.com/1050219/asp/jamshedpur/story_4397764.asp