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  1. Ayla

    Mediumship And Sikhism

    I have a question regarding Mediums. First, let me explain myself. I come from a long long of family members who are "psychic" in nature, what I mean by this, is they have the ability to see spirits (ghosts and demons) and hear, feel or sense them. I am among them, and although I may want to...
  2. Abneet

    General Ouija Board

    I'm kind of a guy who's interested in paranormal activities. Even though we shouldn't be contacting spirits outside of this world I wanna try the ouija board. First, have you guys ever tried it before. I've heard its fake and some have real stories behind it. Should I stay away from such a thing?
  3. S

    Controversial Curse, Black Magic (aka Toona) And Evil Spirits

    Sat Sri Akal ji. Right now i am going through toughest time of my life. A life changing business opportunity gets cancelled for no reason , it happened 2-3 times. I rather never been to rock bottom like right now. I am not too much into superstitions but in last 3 days nearly 3 people suggested...
  4. S

    Omens, Bad Spirits, Was Bani Say About It

    SSA kindly enlightened me about wat baani says about bad spirits, black magic, i got ppl telling me about these and me being someone suffering from me , but i say if guru nanak cannot protect me , i believe no one can . Dis is most common pretext to go to babas, and believe me i ab seen ppl wo...
  5. spnadmin

    Nature Seeking Enlightenment From Spirits And Forests In Japan

    by Katherine Marshall Senior Fellow, Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs at Georgetown University Image is of Kumano Hongu Shrine The shrines at Kumano are among Japan's holiest places. Located in the mountains about 75 miles south of Osaka, Kumano Hongu, the main...
  6. spnadmin

    SALDEF SALDEF Annual Southern California Banquet Raises Funds And Spirits

    (Washington DC—6/8/2011) On Sunday June 5, 2011, SALDEF held its annual Southern California Fundraising Banquet at the Diamond Bar Center in Diamond Bar, CA. The event served as an opportunity to highlight SALDEF’s advocacy work and strengthen outreach with the local Sikh community. The event...
  7. Sinister

    General Free Spirits Unite!

    May the free spirits take this world by storm and leave the rest of us wallowing in their envy. For those of us paralyzed by our conception of self-righteousness or superflous timidity, I have one message: PLEASE GET OFF THE DANCE FLOOR, IT IS ONLY A PODIUM FOR THE BRAVE HEARTED! YouTube -...
  8. V

    Concept Of Evil Spirits In Sikhism

    Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh Here das is starting a bit tricky debate,what Sangat as general feels about ghosts or evil spirits or there concept viz a viz Sikhism. Das wants to say often a misdeed of person and resultant weak will power cause the possision by 'Ghost' or often it could be a...