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I'm kind of a guy who's interested in paranormal activities. Even though we shouldn't be contacting spirits outside of this world I wanna try the ouija board. First, have you guys ever tried it before. I've heard its fake and some have real stories behind it. Should I stay away from such a thing?


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Sat Sri Akaal Abneet ji

As a former Wiccan/Neo-Pagan, my advice from that point of view would be to stay away from it until you've learned the correct methods of grounding and casting a circle. Without these two skills you run the risk of allowing whatever it is you might attract to latch on to you energetically and cause problems for you. These can be as minor as some emotional disturbances and feelings of lethargy, to something more substantial as hearing voices, "seeing things" and possible effects to your physical world, from elemental disturbances (water splashes, static, etc) and possible movement of objects (thought you put something here but it turns up over there type stuff). Much more likely is that you'll just end up messing with yourself psychologically.

Until you learn at least those two magical skills - grounding and casting a circle - then don't play with it, is my advice. At a minimum. There is a lot more to learn if you want to. I would recommend starting with the basics of ceremonial magic - look up the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, if you must.

Now, as a Sikh, my advice is to forget about it. There is no use, no point, it is a futile plaything with apparet risks (if you believe this stuff) and very little benefit. There are many more worthwhile things to do with your time, like study Gurbani and do seva, both carrying minimal risk (depending on the type of seva) and have a huge benefit to the community and oneself.

But if you want to pursue it as your interest then by all means go ahead, just make sure you study and protect yourself and your environment properly.


I'm just really interested in it and see what I could get out of it though. I feel theres no need for me to learn those two magical skills. From what I heard I should learn how to close the conversation and how to get rid of the board permanently.


Do you think I can actually experience bad presence during or afterwards? From what I hear there's a lot of cases of bad luck.


I'm just really interested in it and see what I could get out of it though. I feel theres no need for me to learn those two magical skills. From what I heard I should learn how to close the conversation and how to get rid of the board permanently.

I would listen to what Ishnaji is telling you!:motherlylove:

It is not something you want to mess around or play with unless you know what you are doing.
Closing the conversation and getting rid of the board permanently does not work if there's some sort of trouble.
The board is like a doorway to another medium that lets the two mediums meet.
I did it a few times when I was younger with a group of us that were clearly intoxicated and just wanted some fun !
After the experiences, it was enough to tell me to not mess with the other side just for some fun.

Am I convinced it works ?
Well if you want to see some mermaids at your local beach then you need to know how to swim. If you can't swim deep water then you will be in trouble. In the same way you shouldn't try to experience the spirits or whatever if you don't know how to compose or handle yourself!

A Word About Ouija Boards…

It’s not the board that’s dangerous; it’s the process of inviting harmful paranormal entities into your home.

There are two schools of thought on Ouija boards in the paranormal field. One group states emphatically that this is not a dangerous activity. The other school of thought emphatically states that the Ouija board is a dangerous item. We subscribe with the majority in the field and with the scores of documented incidents that have a common theme – the Ouija board! Personally, we find it amusing that some groups are quick to dispel all the documented cases where the use of the Ouija boards is involved. They sound like the skeptics (that they themselves argue with) that assume that paranormal activity does not exist and are quick to dispel all the documented cases and claims.

Ouija boards can invite unwanted presences into a home or other location. When we say unwanted, we mean demonic entities not in this realm and malevolent spirits that remain in our realm. Although at first glance it appears to be a harmless toy, it is a potentially dangerous item. Will something happen each time you use one? Not at all, but use does bring an associate risk.

By using a Ouija board you are consciously inviting spirits to communicate with you. In actuality, a user does not have any control over who responds when they evoke spirits. What you may end up getting is demonic or a malevolent spirit. What is a malevolent spirit? These are the spirits, that when living, comprised of what we know to be the criminal element. This criminal element remains angry and hostile in death and its intentions are clearly not your best interest. Spirits keep the same personality that the person had while living. If this element does not value human life while alive, why would they in death?

The demonic entity or malevolent spirit will focus on someone in the group with a lower psyche. This entity or spirit will answer basic questions in order to lull the user into a false sense of security. The entity may disguise itself as friendly and helpful, this element has been known to lie and be convincing using the name users try to contact. Unless you ask the right questions to ask, you may not know the difference. The more the Ouija board is used, the greater the chance the entity or spirit can create major and potentially dangerous situations. Even the energy used to contact the spirits can energize a spirit, and again, you have no control over who (or what) responds.

Once a demonic entity is allowed into your home, it is very difficult - and dangerous – to expel. Conversely, a spirit cannot be physically expelled, they must be convinced – therefore it will be impossible. If you have a Ouija board, please throw it out. Do not donate to a charity in a box of unwanted items – just destroy it. Normally we like to see unwanted items given to charity, but not this time. Please educate your children on the dangers involved with this “toy”. Education is much easier than dealing with a demonic entity or malevolent spirit!

Some paranormal groups will tell you that these boards are not dangerous because “demonic entities are rare”. However, there are documented cases of homes being plagued by demonic entities and malevolent spirits as a result of the use of a Ouija board. Why risk it? To us, it’s as dangerous as walking through the streets with a stash of money. Most people will not bug you, but one may rob you. It’s the same in the paranormal world, most are harmless – but there are those few bad apples!

Manchester Paranormal Investigations will NEVER use a Ouija board as part of our investigation process and we will recommend that no one should use one.

What exactly is a Ouija board?

A Ouija board is a tool used in divination practices. The “word” Ouija is actually a trademark, but has become a generic term for any board used for divination. The board itself is marked with letters, numbers, symbols, and a “yes” and “no” space. The device uses a planchette (a small heart-shaped piece of wood or plastic or other movable object) to form a response. The fingers of all séance participants are placed on the planchette and allowed to move.

Brief History of the Ouija

Divination techniques have been recorded for thousands of years; however in the late 1800’s, the mass production of affordable divination devices and the exploding fad of spiritualism led to the explosion of use. Charles Kennard and Elijah Bond decided to patent what would become the prototype of the modern Ouija board in 1890. In 1901, William Fuld, and employee of Mr. Kennard took over the ownership of the factory and production of the board.

Mr. Fuld changed the name of the board to Ouija and even claimed to have invented the device. It is believed that he used “his” board and tragedy struck him and he met an untimely end. While supervising the installation of a flagpole on the factory, he fell off the roof. Reportedly, in transit, a fractured rib pierced his heart and he died shortly thereafter. Is that a coincidence? We may know for sure, but that’s an unfortunate way to go. The estate of Mr. Fuld sold the Ouija board – and the whole factory – to the Parker Brothers.

How does a Ouija board work and why is it dangerous?

There are two schools of thoughts on how a Ouija board works. Believers think users can actually make contact with spirits (including malevolent, and on rare occasion demonic entities). It is believed that the spirit uses telekinetic energy to move the planchette providing the user or group with responses to questions. The board itself has no power and is simply a tool used to aid in communication.

Those who advocate the use of the Ouija, say the like other forms of divination, it is a legitimate way to communicate with the dead. While professional mediums believe that the movements may be controlled by malevolent spirits more intent on something other than providing correct information.

The other school of thought states that the communication is nothing more that the planchette moving through the user’s subconscious. They believe that the user is not aware that they themselves are moving the planchette and assume a spirit is guiding the answers. In parapsychology, the use of the Ouija board is believed to pick up information from the subconscious mind. Some information that an individual clearly repressed can come back to life and the user can suffer a psychosis as a result of these images.

What do we believe? We believe the planchette can move both by spirits and entities and also by subconscious movements. No matter the force moving it, it will sometimes cause problems down the road. Be it a malevolent spirit or demon or a repressed memory coming back to something as trivial to an addiction to using the board and allowing it to control your decisions. Those who suffer an addiction become dependent on information that might not be accurate and limit themselves to something to make decisions for them.

There are reports of the planchette flying through the air or spinning without being touched by any user. There are too many reports of people being harassed by unseen forces after using the board. Unfortunately there are written accounts (not rumors) of people institutionalized or suffering mental anguish after using a board regularly. We understand that not every person may experience something like this, but it does happen and why risk it?

It’s manufactured by a toy company. How can it be dangerous?

I hear that question a lot and can answer with the following comparison – toy guns were also produced by a toy company and yet youths lost their lives when police thought they were real. While the plastic gun was not dangerous, the use of one is – much like the Ouija board. So yes, “toys” can be dangerous – although the Ouija board is not a toy – but a tool for divination.

It is our belief that the use of a tool that was created for spirit communication does not belong in the hands of a child. Until people realize the seriousness of the spirit realm, they should not touch this device. There are many people who have suffered with the consequences of this “toy”.

Some noted demonologists strongly recommend never using a Ouija board. Experienced demonologists have seen their share of demonic possessions and episodes of dangerous haunts by malevolent spirits. These cases had the use of a Ouija board as a common denominator. As we stated above, demonic entities and malevolent spirits will pretend to be helpful to gain trust and then will make their move when the time is right.

There is also several reports of users having to be institutionalized either through information gathered from their subconscious, or through harassment from an evil entity or spirit. Some have even let the board control their lives and their decisions.

Still want to use that Ouija board?

Copyright 2009-2013 Manchester Paranormal Investigations



Getting rid of a board is not always as easy as it sounds. You will be surprised at the board’s tenacity for reappearing in your home, or being replaced by another board. One time I had discarded my Ouija Board by burying it deep within a trash bag with a bunch of other trash piled on top of it. I watched as the garbage men hauled it away. Case closed, job well done. Two days later a neighbor had left a bag for us, as she often did because we had two young children, with some hand-me-down clothes and games. Within the stack of five or six games we found, you guessed it, another Ouija Board. It had been a different board but we have to assume the same entity would be communicating through it. I did not use it. I did not want to find out.

Even after you have successfully dispatched, discarded, or destroyed a board, the entity that you had communicated with may still be present in your home and in your life. You may have opened a doorway, a portal from the spirit world that will not be closed simply because you have discarded the board. Many different entities can pass in and out through this portal. This portal may be in a physical place such as a basement or backyard or it may be associated with you and follow you to new locations if you were to move or vacation. At this point you may have to seek professional help to close the doorway. It will be important to protect yourself with prayer and good spirituality.

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Imagination frames events unknown,
In wild, fantastic shapes of hideous ruin,
And what it fears creates.
Hannah More, Belshazzar, Part II.

I am bewildered by this conversation. The Ouija board (Oui for the French "yes" and Ja for the German "yes" began life as a toy. It was patented as a board game in 1890, with the patent sold in 1966 to Parker Brothers, and the patent is now owned by Hasbro Inc. Both companies are known as toy manufacturers.

When I was a kid you could buy them at novelty stores on boardwalks at seaside resorts like Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Using the board to talk to the dead did not occur until World War I.

You can read more about it here debunked&f=false

The first to take on the evils of the Ouija board were fundamentalist Christians.

Why are we talking about ending conversations, getting rid of it permanently, or knowing how to use it properly in order to avoid spiritual danger? Judging from its brief history as an artifact of popular culture the ouija board does not even rise to the level of conjuring that is discouraged in Sikh Rehat Maryada.


Spoil sport! The lonely voice of reason.

However the psychological risk is real despite the dubious function of the board itself. The mind is a powerful thing.
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If ouija board is known for opening portals to paranormal activity then why is it sold even at Toy R Us?

You don't need to use any specific Ouija board. The ones being sold are classed as novelty items and they don't have any paranormal energies within and neither do they have to.
If you speak to people that are experienced in these you will find that one can use simple pieces of paper with all the letters cut out and a standard drinking glass in the middle on any sort of flat table. (this is how I have seen it done!). It is actually the whole invitation in a séance like environment that brings in any experience.
In a séance everyone can hold hands or hold some object together, whereas with the board business the glass in the middle is the central point of focus to invite the paranormal.

The boards don't contain any supernatural powers and neither are they the works of the devil. Just like a pack of cards can be used by game players for fun or for magic tricks by illusionists, then so can this novelty item!!


So if both you are saying its a toy version of a talking board is it considered harmless in a way that it cannot contact any spirit?

Tejwant Singh

If memory serves me well, these kinds of Ouija boards were rudimentary made in Indian homes with the help of small pieces of paper scribbled with "Yes and No" and a glass-upside down- was used on top of this wooden board and the person moving the glass or claimed the glass moved used to ask the questions. Some Sikhs were also involved in this venture and these kinds of talking to the dead, fortune telling things are very common things in India. I was too young to remember these things in a nitid manner but I do remember watching these things quite often.
to create attachements with this things does not bring any benefit in our spirituality developement.. it makes you to get attachement with maya.. those who love maya very much will get involve in this things.. if we are sikh, then our daily task is to remember wahaguru and to love him, so wahaguru can shower his grace on us inorder to break the bond of worldly attachement.. attachement cannot take us far. thanks