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    Heritage Now A Vegetable Market, Ranjit Singh's Royal Haveli A Picture Of Neglect

    Sikh royal's haveli converted into vegetable market as historian brands it 'a picture of neglect' By Manjeet Sehgal The haveli of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, founder of the Sikh empire, has become a picture of neglect due to the indifferent attitude of the Pakistani Waqf Board, an...
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    Leisure Speedy Singhs

    'Speedy Singhs' Official Theatrical Trailer - YouTube
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    History Have We Been Critical Of Our Singhs Who Fought During The Turbulent Times Of 80s-90s ?

    Satnaam Ji. Martyrs of a kaum shape the thought process of a kaum in general. Their life inspires some. But the important fact is that any act done by one in the context of Religion cannot be isolated from the adherents of the religion. Actions of one does influence the other. In...
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    Singhs Rocket Ahead

    The turban, the beard and the Punjabi accent are the new cool code in Bollywood, thanks to People magazine’s sexiest man alive, Ranbir Kapoor, playing a Sikh in his upcoming release, Rocket Singh - Salesman of The Year. “Ranbir Kapoor plays a very Mumbaiyya sardar, who speaks English, Hindi at...
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    History New: Blog At Punjabi Heritage News By 3 Singhs And A Kaur

    A new look for Punjab Heritage News October 13th, 2009 by Amandeep Madra Source: Punjab Heritage News has a new look and a fantastic new...
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    S Asia Keeping Up With The Singhs! Third Most Common Surname In Victoria, Australia

    Keeping up with the ... Singhs! by MANPREET KAUR SINGH The makers of the Bollywood flick Singh is Kinng may have known something about Australia when they chose to shoot the film here. In a case of real life taking a direct cue from the reel...
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    The Singhs On The Hour - The Face Of Sikh Youth

    This season, 'Hockey Night In Canada' is producing a Punjabi broadcast every Saturday night. The commentators were hand picked from the Punjab community, both have experience in the media and both are huge hockey fans. Parminder Singh does the play by play. And Harnarayan Singh the colour...
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    The Singhs Of Palo Alto - 3 Interesting Youngsters Michael Killen asks Jujhaar (15), Himmat (12), and Josh (6), all of the Singh family of Palo Alto, CA. about their family and religious beliefs that affect how they perform in school and sports, and interact with other persons.
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    Shaheed Singhs

    This was an email I received. Below are some of the narrated episodes of those who have witnessed Shaheed Singhs come to protect that which is dear to the Guru. They have been entrusted to Panthic Seva even when they are already in the next world. It is believed that these Shaheed Singhs...
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    Chaupa Singhs Rehatnama

    SCANNED The Khalsa in Chaupa Singh’s Rahitnama
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    Sikh News Centre, Punjab Govt Join Hands To Mark Bhagat Singh's Birth Centenary (Indian Express

    In a bid to mark the birth centenary of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, the Punjab Government has made elaborate plans to hold a national-level function in Amritsar on September 28. Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal met President Pratibha Patil and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh last week to invite...
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    Sikh News Punjab Government Seeks Cancellation Of Amarinder Singh's Bail (New Kerala)

    New Delhi, June 8: The Punjab government has moved the Supreme Court for cancellation of anticipatory bail granted to former Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh and his wife Preneet Kaur in Ludhiana City Centre (LCC) scandal by the Punjab and Haryana High Court on April 5. More...
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    Arts/Society Bhai Vir Singh's Verse

    I seek not praise, nor the attainment of yoga, I seek not salvation, nor paradise... I fear not the Hades, I wish not to escape it. This cycle of birth and death I dread not. I may be assigned to live in the nether regions, Or midway between earth and heavens, Or to fly in the air or to sink in...
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    Sikh News Arrested Singhs' Kin Appeals To Premier McGuinty

    Arrested Singhs' Kin Appeals to Premier McGuinty Wednesday 17th of January 2007 Released by Sikh Federation (UK) Ontario, Canada - Hardeep Singh, son of Amolak Singh and a cousin of Jasvinder Singh who are both falsely...
  15. A

    Are Singhs Diminishing?

    Pray Truth for all and say Satsriakal! Dear all! I observe a strange trend these days. Some are not writing the other's name completely. They avoid writing Singh or change the word Singh to Sinh etc. Are Singhs among Sikhs diminishing? Balbir Singh
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    Guru Tej Singh's Story Of Adversity And Success

    Guru Tej Singh's story of adversity and success Job Security!OpenElement&FieldElemFormat=gif Gurutej Singh describes how job rejections led to the founding of the...
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    Sikh News Dr. Manmohan Singh\'s American Trip

    extract of the article........................................ The Sikh community all over the world made a significant gain in its recognition as a global community. The leader of the most populated nation happens to be a turbaned Sikh with Singh as his last name. This will really help in...