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History Have We Been Critical Of Our Singhs Who Fought During The Turbulent Times Of 80s-90s ?


Aug 14, 2011
Satnaam Ji.

Martyrs of a kaum shape the thought process of a kaum in general. Their life inspires some. But the important fact is that any act done by one in the context of Religion cannot be isolated from the adherents of the religion. Actions of one does influence the other. In case of struggle period of 80s-early 90s, Our Singhs who were fighting the cause of independent state or autonomous state, whichever way they want to put it, could not preserve the movement and what it wanted to achieve. After 84, if we focus, There were around more than 15-20 militant groups who were fighting for the cause. As the history tells and the events that shaped during that time, as we read them in accounts of people involved, there was little coherence and huge trust deficit among them that even they went to the extent of killing people of other groups. Why would a government like to talk to dispersed movement, and instead would like to increase the dispersion, and infact, I would do the same If I was the administrator and was handed over this position to tackle. M.K. Dhar in his book(Open Secrets) writes of his meeting with Baba Manochahal, he has compared his meeting with Babaji to meeting with North-East rebels. He observed there was great bit of code followed and measures taken to ensure complete secrecy in case of North-east rebels and it was missing here. On Policy making and consensus, there was huge gap to extent that Sarabat Khalsa was declared without consensus and those with Guns had grown into indecisive and wayward force which has lost its wisdom and the sense that the actions they carry out adversely affect their brethren. Police too started indiscriminate killing of innocent taking advantage of the situation.
If the Sikh Kharkoo Groups had not denounced the elections and engaged in talks with the government, Sarkar would not have taken decisive step to give such free hand to KPS gill. From government perspective, if someone is not not coming to table and neither giving arms as it had to end at some time, then it would be rightful on the part of govt to be ruthless. ALAS, our Singhs could not understand this and there were blunders after blunder. Right from not declaring Santji as shaheed. All in all, more than the govt, I believe there has been greater wrong in our won house, which has not been discussed and is not being discussed.

Satnaam ji.


Aug 14, 2011
Gyani Ji,

Satnaam is the word I chant, and sometime i use Sat Sri AKAL to greet. and I done know what could be the answer to "why not" ? "why not" could be used if I was denigrating the other salutations. If you have any apprehensions which prompted to ask "Why not", then please see below.

Gurfateh ji,

Please share your comments on my post and do tell me what prompted you to use "why not" ? Did I falter anywhere ?

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
the why not..is indeed a sort of mild apprehension on my part...the Waheguru Ji Ki FATEH is the DEFACTO greeting of all SIKHS..except the dissenters..namdharees, radha soamis, and of course the derawadees like sauda rahim, ashutosh bhaniara etc . These people have a VESTED INTEREST in not using the FATEH as it stands for the KHALSA which they dislike intensely. You may continue using whatever you wish or suits you ji...this was my opinion aired to let others posters be aware...of the Norm.
Thank you Ji.

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