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  1. V

    History Have We Been Critical Of Our Singhs Who Fought During The Turbulent Times Of 80s-90s ?

    Satnaam Ji. Martyrs of a kaum shape the thought process of a kaum in general. Their life inspires some. But the important fact is that any act done by one in the context of Religion cannot be isolated from the adherents of the religion. Actions of one does influence the other. In...
  2. spnadmin

    Navigating The Turbulent Waters Of Religion And Women's Rights: An Interview With Thoraya Obaid

    Thoraya Obaid, a proud Muslim and Saudi Arabian citizen, just completed ten years as Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the United Nations agency that seems always to be in the cross hairs of religious controversy. A passionate advocate both for women's rights and...
  3. S

    The Turbulent Decade: Confronting The Refugee Crises Of The 1990s (Far Eastern Economic Review)

    Sadako Ogata was not the obvious choice to head the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees when she took over in February 1991. She broke precedent in several ways. She was the first women, the first Japanese, and the first academic to run the world’s refugee agency...