Sikh News Dr. Manmohan Singh\'s American Trip

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Jun 1, 2004
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The Sikh community all over the world made a significant gain in its recognition as a global community. The leader of the most populated nation happens to be a turbaned Sikh with Singh as his last name. This will really help in educating the rest of the world about the Sikh identity. Many Sikhs are dropping Singh as their last name and are using their caste as their last name. They should see the fact that if Dr. Manmohan Singh had used his caste, Kohli, as his last name and therefore would have been called "Dr. Kohli" instead of "Dr. Singh," the impact for the Sikh community could not have been the same. Dr. Manmohan Singh also made a significant impact in improving Indo-Pak relations. His meeting with General Musharraf was very cordial. The fact that Dr. Singh was born in the part of Punjab that has now become Pakistan, also played a significant role in this meeting. The Indian subcontinent has a potential to become a superpower, but this potential can only be realized in the form of a South Asian Economic Alliance. The Indian subcontinent is a multinational and multicultural entity. The different nations, religions, and cultural groups should flourish, but should also enjoy benefits of a large market. To realize the concept of a South Asian economic alliance, India and Pakistan should have cordial relations. Dr. Manmohan Singh's trip will prove to be an important milestone in improving India's relations with Pakistan.

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Jul 13, 2004
Singh ji,

I understand what you are saying, and also what Jathedar Vedanti ji came up with recently. Practically speaking, during my overseas postings, there was never any problem with last name etc. However, during Canadian immigration, we were unofficially told by officials to use last name (different from Singh), for easier differentiation. So I had to change the names in passports and other related documents and went thru all that hassle.

Cutting short, in documents here, our name mentions last name (different from Singh), but in sikhism's spirit, my family uses 'Singh' as last name in any general purpos talks or writings.



Jul 26, 2004
New Delhi, India
As raised above no one in my family has ever used last other than singh and i never had any problems with that..and always believed that once the caste n so called surnames were made redundant by our dashampita guru gobind singh ji, why do we still need to do that, it has increased differentiation more than integration and also increased the current prevailing sentiments of ethnocentricism..

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