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Apr 4, 2005
INDIA turban, the beard and the Punjabi accent are the new cool code in Bollywood, thanks to People magazine’s sexiest man alive, Ranbir Kapoor, playing a Sikh in his upcoming release, Rocket Singh - Salesman of The Year.

“Ranbir Kapoor plays a very Mumbaiyya sardar, who speaks English, Hindi at work and Punjabi at home,” says Shimit Amin, the film’s director.

Sikhs have always been appearing in Bollywood films, but rarely as central characters. “Over the past few years, Sikhs have gone from being comic figures to cool in Hindi films,” says critic Anupama Chopra.

This year, the bearded Saif Ali Khan romanced a Brazilian in Love Aaj Kal, while last year, a turbaned Akshay Kumar danced with Katrina Kaif in Singh Is Kinng. “Sardarjis will be proud of my honourable representation,” Saif had said. “It’s heartening to finally see Sikhs having romantic sensibilities,” says Randeep Grover, a Sikh hotelier in Gurgaon. “Earlier we were relegated to being the hero’s funny sidekicks.”

Some Sikhs are optimistic about cracking Bollywood. “Ranbir is looking so handsome in a beard and turban,” says Jasangad Singh of SGTB Khalsa College. “It’s now possible for us Sikhs to become heroes without cutting off our hair or shaving off our beards.”

Girls are also appreciating the Sikh look, starting with actress Shazahn Padamsee, who is debuting opposite Ranbir in Rocket Singh. “I prefer the sardar Ranbir than the clean-shaven one,” says Padamsee. “Once I saw him clean-shaven at a party and I was like, ‘Hey dude, I don’t know you’.” The Sikh girls are also happy. “Though I’m a thorough-bred sardarni, I’ve always preferred clean-shaven men,” says RJ Rochie Rana. “But Ranbir’s sardar look has changed my views


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Jun 1, 2004
There is simply no apperance smarter and handsome looking than a Sikh in Turban with full flowing beard (or even tied!).

Media in 1984 did most of the damage to Sikh identity by manipulating the facts and tagging all Sikhs as Terrorists! It is the same media which has presented Sikhs as Jokers and literaly reduced them to nothing more than a laughing/mocking stock. And now it is the same media, which is now doing something to keep Sikhs in high esteem and bring worldwide acceptance to Sikh Appearance. I have no doubt that a single movie like Rocket Singh is going to inspire a complete generation of young Sikhs not only to retain their Sikh appearance but also inspire those to reconsider their actions, who have shunned there Sikh appearance to avoid being a center of laughing/mocking stuff or to be really frank, who are neither here neither there!

Police brutality in Ludhiana is now recorded in the camera and for the whole world to witness.

Jus TV Punjabi twisted its power to put Prof Darshan in troubled waters and it is the same media that is also enabling Prof Darshan to present his views unbiasedly and stay afloat.

This clearly highlights the pivotal role of media in present scenario.

The fact remains whosoever controls the power, holds the media and/or vice-versa. It's time Sikhs realised the power of this medium and open as many sikh avenues/channels worldwide as possible till we have role model like Dr. Manmohan Singh as India's Prime Minister to take inspiration from. :welcome:We may never ever get another chance to this affect.

Till then let us enjoy Rocket Singh!




Apr 4, 2005
Aman singh ji

I agree that Media ,Films,serials did damage.But what about Punjabi Films and albums which are produced by sikhs themselves.They too never give lead role to sardars .I think sikh as community is suffering from self hatred of their image.Look at South Indian Films
They never accepted Bollywood Heroes.They always have their Dark skinned heroes though in case of Heroines they too prefer Fair skinned girls not typical southi indian one's
but in the case of hero there is no compromise.May be it is because all communities want to see their own image in the Hero.But sikhs don't want to see sardar in lead roles in Punjabi films.It is a case of self hatred of a community

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