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  1. spnadmin

    Opinion The Human Element: Religious Tolerance The Only Path To Peace

    Human element: ‘Religious tolerance only path to peace’ http://tribune.com.pk/story/665044/human-element-religious-tolerance-only-path-to-peace/ PESHAWAR: “The prevalent hatred in our society can only be overcome by understanding Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and Sikhism,” said...
  2. spnadmin

    India Akhand Path List Now At 1.3 Lakh, Petition To Expedite Seva At Harmandir Sahib

    Golden Temple (Harmandar Sahib) 1.3 Lakh Akhand Path list ,NRI’s, Akali Dal, IOC, petition SGPC to Expedite Seva. by Logan Wallace http://tickerreport.com/press-releases/111232/golden-temple-harmandar-sahib-1-3-lakh-akhand-path-list-nris-akali-dal-ioc-petition-sgpc-to-expedite-seva/...
  3. I

    What Are The Meanings Of Panch In Japuji, Saibhang, Nahlee And Japuji Whole Path?

    in japji sahib path there is a line panch parwan pach pardhan panche pavahi dargahi maan in this line for whom this panch word is used. what is the meaning of saibh bhang in mulmantar. there are different meanings given for naiee. can anyone explain me in simple language meaning of japji sahib...
  4. muddymick

    General Sikhi Path

    Sat Sri Akal, I am an Irish (catholic by birth) Buddhist by inclination man of 46 years. I am neither the brightest nor the most disciplined individual you are likely to meet. I am however no fool nor new to spiritual/theological discipline. I would be most grateful if you could give me a...
  5. Karan vir singh

    General Rehat Maryada For Doing Sehaj Path From Sanchi Sahib

    Please give complete rehat maryada for doing sehaj path from sanchi sahib , this is really important because many of us who don't have the idea and are afraid of making mistakes and don't do sehajpath from sanchi sahib because there are many misconception regarding this and no proper definition...
  6. Luckysingh

    Which Path To The Shabad Guru: Scholarship Or Spirituality?

    I think 'awareness' comes with spiritual experience. But then again we get 2 extremes- 1st)- We get the learned or scholars that 'insist' because of their spiritual experiences. They then may use such experience to endorse certain areas of gurbani. 2nd)- On the other hand we have...
  7. spnadmin

    General Forging A New Path (In Punjabi)

    Forging a new Path. This article can be viewed at the website source http://www.rozanaspokesman.com/epaper/fullpage.aspx?edition=main&yview=2013&mview=Jan&dview=08&pview=7
  8. Ambarsaria

    Guru Nanak Dev Ji: Who Are You And What Is Your Name, Path And Purpose? 1

    In the early part of Sidh Gohst, Guru Nanak Dave ji are asked these questions. This is almost in a format of a respectful Question/Answer or Interview style of composition. We learn of Gur Nanak Dev ji’s succinct thoughts on many a common philosophically and worldly questions. Let us...
  9. Archived_Member16

    India Challenging Path Ahead For Newly Formed SGPC House

    Challenging path ahead for newly formed SGPC House Perneet Singh/TNS Amritsar, October 4 Even as the new SGPC House is expected to formally begin its tenure this month, it faces the challenge of dealing with various Panthic issues that await to be resolved for years now. Ashok...
  10. Scarlet Pimpernel

    Leisure The Un-named Path

    Guru Nanak gave us a true profound wisdom concerning the essence of what it is to be truly religious.This school of learning has now become an identity in itself, all True Religions have Truth in Common and are universally opposed to the same things, but we rarely talk about this, perhaps we are...
  11. spnadmin

    Non-Violence, Service & The Path: Jainism, Sikhism And Daoism On The Environment

    Non-Violence, Service & The Path: Jainism, Sikhism and Daoism on the Environment by Matthew McDermott, New York, NY on 09. 1.11 CULTURE & CELEBRITY The following post is part of an ongoing series of posts briefly outlining how the world's major religions have traditionally viewed the...
  12. Archived_Member16

    Reason Seen More As Weapon Than Path To Truth

    June 14, 2011 Reason Seen More as Weapon Than Path to Truth By PATRICIA COHEN For centuries thinkers have assumed that the uniquely human capacity for reasoning has existed to let people reach beyond mere perception and reflex in the search for truth. Rationality allowed a solitary...
  13. A

    Starting On The Path

    Am I correct in thinking that the best way to start would be with nitnem and naam jap? If yes, what advice can anyone offer? And if not, then what would you advise? Thanks
  14. spnadmin

    Buddhism The Path To Buddhist Enlightenment: Sometimes Assertion, Sometimes Surrender

    Jay Michaelson Jay Michaelson Columnist Posted: March 3, 2011 01:01 AM Anyone who's been in the spiritual world long enough knows that just about everything can be packaged as the latest, greatest way to get enlightened. Surrender everything, "manifest" everything, celebrate the...
  15. spnadmin

    Christianity The Path Of Returning To God

    Rev. James Martin, S.J. Catholic priest and author, The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything There are as many paths to God as there are individuals. This is the fourth post in a series that looks at six of the most well-traveled paths for contemporary believers. The previous post...
  16. spnadmin

    Controversial Chamar And Balmiki Communities Of SC's In Punjab On War Path

    CHANDIGARH: Two schceduled caste communities in Punjab are on the war path. While 'The Chamar Maha Sabha' has announced to gherao Punjab state assembly on issue of providing reservation within reservation for SC's the Balmiki Majhabi Sikh Community has challenged the Chamar Sabha on the...
  17. S

    Wages For Pathi For Sri Akhand Path

    dear sir waheguru ji ka khalsa wahe guru ji ki fateh i have been told that the wages paid to pathi is rs30/hr this is too less it must be atleast rs100/hr pls comment sps sawhney
  18. K

    Paramjit Singh Sarna Says NO To Akhand Path Booking In Memory Of Sikh Genocide Victim

    Ludhiana, Punjab: The constitution of a commission by the president Delhi Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee, Paramjit Singh Sarna, to probe into the recent firing incident in the city has drawn criticism from Surjit Singh, Punjab president of Danga Peerat Welfare Society on Wednesday. He remarked...
  19. Archived_Member16

    Spiritual Longing And The Path Of Forgiveness

    Spiritual Longing and the Path of Forgiveness Mashubi Rochell A heart that longs for love, and that longs to find the way home to God, opens a pathway of light from the human, embodied self to the soul that exists eternally in the realms of spirit. Spiritual longing not only activates...
  20. S

    Sikh News Dera, Sikh Followers Lock Horns Over Path

    Dera, Sikh followers lock horns over path Tribune News Service Ludhiana, August 26 Tension prevailed in the Model Town extension area after around 100 armed men of Ek Noor Khalsa Fauj Damdma Sahib and an equal number of followers of Dera Sat Kertar Das Ji locked horns...