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Controversial Chamar And Balmiki Communities Of SC's In Punjab On War Path


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
CHANDIGARH: Two schceduled caste communities in Punjab are on the war path. While 'The Chamar Maha Sabha' has announced to gherao Punjab state assembly on issue of providing reservation within reservation for SC's the Balmiki Majhabi Sikh Community has challenged the Chamar Sabha on the issue.

Paramjit Singh Kainth, President of the Chamar Maha Sabha, in a statement issued here Saturday taking seriously the press statements of the organizations belong to the Majhabi Sikh Community, in which these organizations have threatened to counter the sabha in organizing the proposed here of State Assembly, stated that though the sabha never targeted any of the community individual while persuading its agitation but feel to understand than why these organisations have come forward to challenge the sabha? He clarified that though sabha believe in maintaining the piece and don't want to hurt any body but this does not indicate that the sabha is not a position to protect it and its cadre from such elements.

He accused that these so called organizations have no base among the masses and they never contributed in this direction. He alleged that these organisations are issuing such statements on the dictates of state government, which is trying to terrorise the sabha through its people.

He blamed that these organization have sell them of before the government and have nothing do with the protection of the interest there people. He reiterated that the Chamar Mahan Sabha will continue with its proposed to programme and show the state government as well as these organization backed by the government that the people stands right at back of the sabha as for as matter related to the reservation is concerned.

Kainth also challenged the ruling Shiromani Akali Dal – BJP, main opposition Congress party , BSP and others to make their stand clear before the people over the matter of reservation as it is primarily concerned with the downtrodden class of the Scheduled castes.

Lashing against the state government, Kainth said that Parkash Singh Badal led government has been following anti-Scheduled Castes policies and programs under its hidden agenda as Badal being a Jat Sikh never interested to allow the down trodden class to flourish as he hate them. Talking about the matter of reservation he added that even as Sabha has been fighting against the reservation within the reservation for the scheduled castes and moving the Honorable Supreme Court of INDIA for the vacation of the stay over this matter but on the other hand the state government has been involved in wasting the public money in the court by contesting these in the Court’s. He questioned if the state government is in the favor of this than why it is contesting in the court and why not allowing the implementation of earlier court orders in the same case ?
Besides he also urged the state government to reconsider its earlier decision regarding implementation of 85th Amendment for in-service employees belonged to the scheduled castes instead of 2005 to 1995 for promotions.

He claimed that some anti social and anti-chamar elements have tried to play up with the religious sentiments of the chamars by depicting Guru Ravidass dancing with Mr.Bean in a video clip on the portal of ‘Youtube’ with derogatory and objectionable languages and the Sabha has taken it very seriously and raised its voice.

He added that now the state police has assured to take action against the culprits under the anti cyber crime act and the formation of a special investigation team ( SIT ) is in the progress. He said that the Sabha is determined to fight for the protection of especially the Chamars and the scheduled castes and also to protect their Glory too.

The Sabha also urged the state government to immediately order a stay over the registrars of the nazul lands in the state belonged to the scheduled castes as if not checked in time than its giving to effect these people. Again Sabha also demanded a blanket ban over the transfer of the Shamlat Lands in share of 1/3 belonging to the scheduled castes to the person’s belonged to other castes as it’s a betrayal with these downtrodden class people.

He said that the present regime in the state has badly failed to protect the interests of the scheduled castes and downtrodden and atrocities on the class are on rise in the state and the government seemed less concerned to check this trend. Kainth appealed to the government to mend its ways over this matter or be ready to face the Wrath of the scheduled castes in future.

He also raised the present miserable condition of the Khet Majdoors in the state and added that this all happened because of the anti-poor policies followed by the state government on the dictates of the wealthy people wants to finish off the poor and downtrodden class people under its hidden agenda.

He also touched the implementation of MNREGA (Mahatama Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) scheme In the countryside in the state and criticized the state government for not taking care of it even as the centre has been providing funds to uplift the people in village’s through this scheme but the state government being working as an agency for the implementation of the scheme has failed badly to implement it in Toto. He demanded a total transparency in the implementation of the scheme so that the working class in the villages will not feel ignored and get full benefits out of the scheme.

Kainth also lashed against the state government over the issue of much talked “ATTA-DAL” scheme over which the present regime got votes of the people in large number saying that the shironmani akali dal befooled the people this slogan as it promised to provide “ATTA-DAL” to all without fixing any criteria in its poll manifesto but after coming to power it moulded it in such ways that most of the people under the poverty line are sidelined but others gained a lot.

He said that these are the main issue which Sabha has taken to tame the state government and the Sabha wants a reply from the state government over all these. Even Sabha is ready to go for an open debate over these issues added Kainth and retreated that the Sabha will gherao the state assembly on September 27.




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