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    A Spiritual Dialogue Exposing The Truth In Spiritual Path – Part-II

    Prasad: Swami! I have a small doubt in this matter, please answer me. When you expose the total truth, the beginners will be certainly discouraged. Swami: Your assumption is correct and there is no doubt in your doubt. But don’t you see another possibility in your proposed point? The person...
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    A Spiritual Dialogue Exposing The Truth In Spiritual Path – Part-I

    Gayathri: Oh Swami! I have one question, why not we do duties to our children? At the same time we shall have all our devotion to the Lord only. Swami: Your suggestion is quite sounding very well to the ears, But you will find the reality only when you analyse the concept. One thing we...
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    Christianity Debate:One Or More Than One Path To God

    Dear All, I've been having a debate with a person since the past few days. He's of the view that Christianity is the only path that leads one to God. I was asked by some of my friends to defend the viewpoint that 'there are many paths that lead to God.' If you get time and are interested...
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    Silk Road Was The Path To Peace And War (The Japan Times)

    As standards of history teaching are supposed to be falling around the world, it might be worth trying to captue the imagination of students of world history by presenting much of it in terms of romantic sounding trade routes...
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    Has Sikhism Strayed Away From Path Of Oneness Of Humanity ?

    Sikhism talks about the "oneness" of humanity. Guru Nanak Dev ji was against distinguishing between people on the basis of "religion." Has Sikhi strayed from this path by trying so hard to assert itself as a distinctive identity?
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    No Path To Rome Too Steep For These Polish Pilgrims ( - KLAGENFURT, Austria, April 5 -- Thirteen hours into the ride, the bus's engine gave out, strained by the long nighttime haul up a winding Alpine road. The lights went out. Spirits dimmed among the 45 Polish pilgrims aboard, but they knew what to do. As the driver tinkered...