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  1. Archived_Member16

    India Tension Imminent As Police 'help' Taksal Occupy Nihang Headquarters

    Tension imminent as police 'help' Taksal occupy Nihang headquarters Tuesday, July,23 2013 - 15:28 AMRITSAR: The Nihangs across Punjab are embittered as certain factions of Sikh community continue to drive them out from gurdwaras. In yet another move which may fuel violence between...
  2. spnadmin

    Pacific Oz Magazine Apologizes For Offensive Article About Nihang Sikh

    Oz magazine apologizes for offensive article about Nihang Sikh http://punjabnewsline.com/news/Oz-magazine-apologizes-for-offensive-article-about-Nihang-Sikh-.html admin note: Glorious picture of a Nihang at the web site link PERTH (AUSTRALIA): Bauer Media Ltd, a large media company...
  3. spnadmin

    Pacific United Sikhs Takes Action Against Publication Of Nihang Sikh In Aussi Porn Magazine

    United Sikhs takes action against publication of a photo of a Nihang Sikh in an Aussie Porn Magazine By GURTEJ SINGH http://www.sikhsiyasat.net/2013/01/29/5968united-sikhs-takes-action-against-publication-of-a-photo-of-a-nihang-sikh-in-an-aussie-porn-magazine/ Brisbane/Queensland...
  4. Luckysingh

    Nihang Jathedars Letter For Excommunicating Niddar Singh

    We can see that finally some real action is happening with the self styled shastarvidya guru who preaches anti-sikhism by endorsing the facts that sikhs emerged from hindus and are a sub branch of hindu dharma such that hindu dharma is the umbrella governing us and our sikh existence. from-...
  5. Randip Singh

    Zafaranama And Sikh Poetry And Nihang Origins

  6. Ambarsaria

    Controversial Are Nihangs: A Legacy To Behold And A Core To Build From?

    We in Sikh body are seeing tremendous challenges through the degeneration of our once revered institutions. Be it the SGPC, the Akali Dal politicians or the goings on through the Akal Takht Sahib institution. Lot of it is very disturbing, abhorrent and distasteful. It reeks of members of...
  7. Randip Singh

    UK Jonathan Aitkens Girl Alexandra Sikhs New Lifestyle

    Jonathan Aitken’s girl Sikhs a new lifestyle . . . Last updated at 2:04 AM on 27th October 2010 Old Etonian *Jonathan Aitken has made a career out of re-*inventing himself, from war correspondent and TV mogul to Tory MP and jailbird — and, last but by no means least, a born-again...
  8. spnadmin

    India Nihang Turns ‘demolition Man’ To Free Amritsar Of Encroachments

    A superintendent with MC, T{censored}m Singh Khalsa says he will make Amritsar look like Singapore, free it from all encroachments, ‘provided there is no political interference’ He does not come across as a government servant at first glance. Dressed like a Nihang Sikh, T{censored}m Singh Khalsa...
  9. Admin

    The Nihang - A Secret History Of The Sikhs

    <object height="320" width="400"> <embed src="http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=7283523&server=vimeo.com&show_title=1&show_byline=1&show_portrait=0&color=&fullscreen=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" height="320"...
  10. H

    Nihang Turbans

    Some of the Beautiful Nihang Turbans
  11. spnadmin

    Comparing The Khalsa Rehat: Damdami, Nihang, Nanaksar, AKJ And Singh Sabha Traditions

    Observing the Khalsa Rahit in North America: Some Issues and Trends Pashaura Singh From this source: Untitled Document RECENT controversy over the "correct" observance of the "Sikh Code of Conduct" (Rahit Maryada) has sparked a world-wide debate within the...
  12. faujasingh

    Nihang Protien Drink - Sardai Recipe

    This protien drink is the favorite of the nihangs. I found the recipe online and am sharing it here Saffron (Kesar) few strands Milk 1 litre Cloves 2 Green Cardamom ( Choti Ilayichi) 2 Kishmish (Raisins) 10 Almonds 20 blanched and chopped Karbooja Seeds ( Rock Melon Seeds) 2 Tablespoons...
  13. faujasingh

    The Nihang Ardas

    This is the Ardas of the Nihangs Ardass Ik Onkaar Waheguru ji ki Fateh Sri Bhagauti ji Sahaii Vaar Sri Bhagauti ji ki , Paatshaahi Dasvee Pritham Bhagauti simarr ke Gur Nanak lai dheeai. Phir Angad Gur te Amar Dass RaamDaasey hoi sahaii. Arjan Hargobind noo simarau Sri Har Rai. Sri Har...
  14. Randip Singh

    Nick Flemings Pictures Of Nihangs

    I came across this website, and found some very interesting pictures of Nihangs: http://www.nickfleming.com/The_Stories_Behind_the_Photos/Hola_Mohalla_2008_Anandpur_Sahib_India.html Enjoy!
  15. I

    Hinduism Nihang Sikhs In Sikhism

    Sath Sri Akal all, it has been a while but I am back with questions, if you will accept them. Yesterday, we had the book signing event (In the Master's Presence: The Sikhs of Hazoor Sahib by Nidar Singh Nihang and Parmjit Singh) in London. I eagerly went along, with the full knowledge that my...
  16. Randip Singh

    Nihang Niddar Singh - What Is The Controversy?

    So what is the controversy surrounding this fellow?
  17. BhagatSingh

    Diablo 3 Class - Nihang

    Diablo III General Discussion - Check it out mates!!
  18. S

    Nihang SINGH

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh Kindly see this video YouTube - nihang singh Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh
  19. Sherab

    Nihang Sikhs

    Nihangs doing Chatka http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzrmxKUg0xc Do not watch if under 18, enough said. Can anyone here justify such an act? Vijaydeep-ji - I hear budhadal reguarly does chatka. Please enlighten me on this topic. thank you and wjkk, wjkf.
  20. S

    Sikh News Four Dead As Nihang Sikh Groups Exchange Fire (IANS Via Yahoo! India News)

    Patiala (Punjab), Sep 21 (IANS) At least four persons were killed when two groups of the Nihang Sikh sect clashed outside a religious shrine here Friday evening, 90 km from Chandigarh. More...