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  1. Admin

    Jainism Jainism And Sikhism: The Value Of Being “Footnote” Traditions

    By Brianne Donaldson. In the recently published Norton Anthology of World Religions, there were two notable omissions: the ancient nonviolent Indian tradition of Jainism, and the modern Indian tradition of Sikhism. I noticed the absence (1) because they are two traditions that I study, teach...
  2. Harry Haller

    Faith And Sikhism

    Faith, its a dirty word to me, its like something people use to fill in the blanks, where huge gaps exist, thats ok, we will fill it with faith, and everything will be ok. In my view, Creator and aspects of, are much too important to take on faith, we have Bani, which if anything should be used...
  3. J

    Christianity Sikhism In The Light Of Bible

    Can we discuss his jibe!
  4. Admin

    June 1984 - 31 Years Later, Sikhs Remember

    1984 Living History is a project that started last year. A group of young volunteers realized that many people who experienced the events in 1984 are aging and may not be able to tell their stories for much longer. So they started recording people's experiences. They have made a simple format...
  5. J

    Needs Of Sikhs/Punjabis In The UK

    Good Morning Everyone As some of you may already know, a new British Sikh School is soon to open its doors to students (from all cultures) in September this year. There was a great need for this type of establishment for Sikhs/Punjabis in the UK. Apart from this, can you think of other...
  6. S

    Bacis Concept Of Life According To All Four Major Religion(Hinduism,Islam Sikhism And Christain)

    Waheguru ji ka khalsaWhaeguru ji ki Fateh I request all to give their views on the concept of life according to all four major religions.
  7. O

    Understanding Sikhism

    Understanding Sikhism: Sikhism is a subject of faith and not knowledge. Empirical observation and rational enquiry cannot prove the existence of Nanak’s [founder of Sikhism] God. By definition Sikhism is a religion and not a Philosophy for that very reason. Philosophy seeks truth by reason...
  8. Admin

    Heritage Why Sikhs Don't Want The Golden Temple To Be Declared A World Heritage Site

    There are a number of long term implications of applying for this status: 1. The application can only be made by the country. Therefore the Indian government will assume primary responsibility for management and protection of Sri Darbar Sahib. A future Indian government can easily side step the...
  9. Admin

    UK Safety Helmet Exemption To Allow Sikhs To Wear Turbans In All Workplaces

    A health and safety exemption that was originally designed to allow Sikhs to wear a turban in place of a safety helmet on construction sites is to be extended to all workplaces from 1 October 2015. The Employment Act 1989 exempts turban-wearing Sikhs from any requirement to wear head protection...
  10. M

    A Few Questions About Racism, Prejudice, Sikh, Sikhi, Sikhism

    I'm quite new, been reading a bit then joined the site a few days ago with a few questions in mind... 1. Anyone who has covered or has family not Sikhi, and that are racist/prejudice (whichever you feel it is.), towards you or Sikhi in general. How do you deal with it? 2. I'm in the military...
  11. Admin

    SALDEF Hate Crimes Against Arabs, Sikhs, Hindus Will Now Be Tracked In Fbi Hate Crime Manual

    Hate crimes against Sikh, Hindu, and Arab Americans will now be able to be tracked by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). After years of lobbying by community advocates and the support of 140 members of Congress, the DOJ and FBI have updated their hate...
  12. Admin

    Sex And Sikhism By Sirdar Kapur Singh

    1. Victorian prudery had banned public reference tosexeven through innuendo or oblique suggestion. Sex was ungenteel and highly inelegant. Even an inevitable indulgence in it had to be heavily veneered with patriotic respectability: young ladies were taught to mutter to themselves “God save the...
  13. Admin

    Pacific New Zealand Pm: Sikhs Should Be Allowed To Wear Kirpans At World Cup

    Prime Minister John Key says he is sympathetic to the Sikh community's push for an exemption to Civil Aviation rules to allow them to carry their ceremonial daggers, known as a kirpan, on flights. Mr Key says members of the Sikh community approached him in Takanini last Sunday about the issue...
  14. Admin

    UK Reading Sikhs Teach Mp A Lesson In Tying A Turban

    Reading East MP Rob Wilson meets the Sikh community to discuss new premises and a new school. This was no wind-up, as members of the Sikh community taught the Reading East MP the history and significance of the turban. Rob Wilson MP was given a lesson in tying a turban on Sunday, February 22 as...
  15. Admin

    Malaysia Sikhs Start Free Clinic In Kuala Lumpur

    MALAYSIA: A group of Sikh medical personnel are all set to run a free clinic in the heart of the Kuala Lumpur town. Naam Clinic will open on Sundays starting April 4 at Wisma Tatt Khalsa, a multipurpose complex under Gurdwara Sahib Tatt Khalsa Diwan, one of the oldest gurdwaras in the city...
  16. Admin

    USA Sikhism In The United States: What Americans Know And Need To Know

    National Sikh Campaign The National Sikh Campaign is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is working to build the image of Sikhism in America and highlight the impact Sikh Americans have made in the United States. The aim of this campaign is to create an environ- ment of mutual acceptance in...
  17. IJSingh

    History And Her-story

    History and Her-Story by I.J. SINGH Our local gurdwara has spawned a nascent and energetic Sikh Women's Association. Recently, they hosted a program to celebrate the life of Mata Sahib Kaur. For those on unfamiliar territory, Sahib Kaur, nee Sahib Devan, had a brief but telling part to play...
  18. Amos Vos

    Concept Of Total Liberation, Name Of God, Sikhism And Astrology

    Hello everybody I'm mainly interested in the concept of total liberation and the question about the recitation of the Name of God..how do we know the Name of God? Did He/She said it to us..all religions and phlisophies came up with different names....could someone explain that to me..with words...
  19. O

    Questions. Sikhism And Saiva Siddhanta

    Hello, I'm a Northern European practicing Hinduism (Saiva Siddhanta from Natha lineage) while I have a great respect for Sikhism. I have several questions concerning Sikhism & to make sure that I would really get a proper answer, I decided to join this forum instead of just asking in a random...
  20. Ishna

    S Asia Naam Ras 2014: Spiritual Sikh Event Draws More Non-Sikhs

    Naam Ras 2014: Spiritual Sikh Event Draws More Non-Sikhs tabla! Friday, Jan 02, 2015 http://news.asiaone.com/news/singapore/naam-ras-2014-spiritual-sikh-event-draws-more-non-sikhs Held at the Singapore Expo Hall from Dec 25 to 28, Naam Ras Kirtan Darbar 2014 brought thousands of people from...