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Khushwant Wanted Sikhs To Retain Identity


May 11, 2010
Ancient Greece
Noted writer and journalist Khushwant Singh, who passed away at 99 on Thursday, believed Sikh leadership should discuss and ponder over the fact that majority of them had discarded symbols of Sikh identity such as turban, long hair and beard.

In an address read out by his son in February this year, Khushwant said he was an agnostic, but strongly believed in the sense of Sikh identity and of Sikhs retaining their symbols. "Without that, I am convinced, the Sikh religion will eventually die out and perhaps merge with Hinduism," he had said.

He also said growth of intolerance and fundamentalism of all religions disturbed him and called upon the people and the youth to combat the menace as the society was to develop and grow as a progressive, peaceful and secular society.

Singh had said he had hopes in the young generation, who were better educated and more aware of what was going on in the world. "Cell phones, Twitter, Facebook — of which I know nothing — and which come under the umbrella of social media, are, I believe, helping in this process," he added.

He described education and welfare of the girl child as the two most concerned areas for him. He also took on godmen and astrologers and said that they, along with faith-healers, and the like, were constantly making a fool out of people.

'He was not a good student'
The author's son, Rahul Singh, said his father was not a very good student and got third division in studies. He also termed him politically naive and foolish, who spoke from the heart. "He became close to Indira Gandhi but championed the cause of Maneka Gandhi after the death of Sanjay Gandhi. Later, he fell out with the same Maneka," he said.

Singh added that Khushwant Singh was a master in entertaining and provoking people. He mentioned that Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) once wrote to him to not write jokes on Sikhs but he wrote back to them stating, "Go to hell!"

He also cited various incidents of his run-ins with top leaders and various organisations.


Apr 8, 2013
Not familiar with his work but from other people he was quit a famous and very good writer in India. The thing that I heard about him in a interview is that he did a analysis of Japji Sahib but than rejected religion at 25. Very strange but nevertheless RIP.


Aug 29, 2013
But he rejected religion after writing about Japji Sahib seems strange to me to be honest.
actually TBH it seems he rejected religion after 1984 incidents. I have heard he returned his padma shree award also or some other civilian award.
some people got a really bad shock of the 84 incides. "how could a god let it happen?"
that might explain his atheism just like how , to me, explains atheism of harry haller too . no offense.

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