1. Seeker9

    Islam New Book On The Origins Of Islam

    Dear all I note there have been several prosletysing-type threads recently about the Qu'ran In the interests of balance, I wanted to share the following book review with you:
  2. A

    Islam Women In Islam

    Since there is alot of negative propaganda in the media , I decided to educate people about the issue of women rights in Islam. Islam started in 7th century in the tribal society of Arabia. In those times , Arabs used to bury their daughters alive. After the advent of Islam, Arabs got...
  3. Archived_Member16

    World The Powers Of Manipulation: Islam As A Geopolitical Tool To Control The Middle East

    July 2, 2011 The Powers of Manipulation: Islam as a Geopolitical Tool to Control the Middle East By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya Global Research, July 2, 2011 As Washington and its cohorts march towards the Eurasian Heartland, they have tried to manipulate Islam as a geo-political...
  4. spnadmin

    Islam Decline Of Radical Islam Has Begun

    Decline of radical Islam has begun Chandan Mitra The immediate aftermath of Osama bin Laden's death may propel more jihadi violence, but robbed of its most potent symbol the romance of revivalism is set to dissipate I s the worldwide Islamic upsurge petering out? Is Huntington’s Clash of...
  5. K

    Islam Dumbest Reasons For Converting To Islam

    YouTube - Live Shahadah - Dr. Zakir Naik Urdu Peace Conference 2010 Look at the Sikh Guy in the video who is converting to islam Here are the reasons 1)He wants his bones to remain intact after 20 years of his death 2)His mom don't cook as sweet Kheer( Indian pudding) as He get on EID
  6. spnadmin

    What To Do About Egypt? Try 'Let My People Go!'

    Dr. David Liepert Muslim Author, Leader, Spokesperson, Host of "The Optimistic Muslim" on "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men (and women) are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are...
  7. spnadmin

    Islam And Christianity: The Long Duel (from Sikh Nugget)

    By Dr. Harrell Rhone Dr. Harrell Rhome, an investigative writer and researcher, contributes to print and on-line publications, including The Nationalist Times newspaper, He is a Contributing Editor for The Barnes Review historical journal,, and also an...
  8. spnadmin

    Islam New Report On International Growth Of Islam

    Washington, D.C. -- The world's Muslim population is expected to increase by about 35 percent in the next 20 years, rising from 1.6 billion in 2010 to 2.2 billion by 2030, according to a new, comprehensive report released today by the Pew Research Center's Forum on Religion & Public Life on the...
  9. Ambarsaria

    Islam As A Sikh: Am I Infidel Or Kaffir For Islam

    I submit the following in blunt fashion but not out of total ignorance. I want to be corrected if I state something wrong as for me these are nagging questions perhaps in many Sikhs minds. Before partition in 1947, Sikhs and Muslims lived very well together in Punjab. Culturally they were so...
  10. spnadmin

    Opinion Minorities In Pakistan Are Living In Terror

    By R. L Francis Those who always cry ho{censored} on Kashmir regarding violations of human rights and shed crocodile tears should also pay heed towards how minorities in Pakistan are being treated. Pakistan has a medieval ears law Blasphemous Act and under this act a mother of five children Asia...
  11. spnadmin

    Islam The Islam That Hardliners Hate: Sufism Under Attack In Pakistan

    The Islam That Hard-Liners Hate By HUMA IMTIAZ AND CHARLOTTE BUCHEN KASUR, Pakistan — In Pakistan’s heartland, holy men with bells tied to their feet close their eyes and sway to the music. Nearby, rose petals are tossed on tombstones. Free food is distributed to devotees. This peaceful...
  12. Archived_Member16

    UK Converts To Islam Double In Britain, Says Study

    Converts to Islam double in Britain, says study IANS, Jan 4, 2011, 06.36pm IST THE TIMES OF INDIA LONDON: The number of Britons choosing to become Muslims has nearly doubled in the past decade, according to a study by an inter-faith think tank. The study by think tank Faith Matters...
  13. spnadmin

    SciTech Islam, Science And Concerns About Creationism In The Classroom

    Jalees Rehman Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Chicago Posted: January 1, 2011 08:26 AM I have often been asked why we scientists are so resistant to introducing ideas such as "creation science" in the biology classroom. My first reaction is to say that these ideas are...
  14. Archived_Member16

    USA Obama Ordered To Convert To Islam

    Obama ordered to convert to Islam India Gazette Tuesday 28th December, 2010 US president Barack Obama has been told to convert to Islam. A leader of Somalia's Islamist insurgency, Fuad Mohamed "Shongole" Qalaf, has threatened Mr Obama with attacks on the US if he does not convert...
  15. B

    Willing To Die Not To Convert To Islam But Willing To Become A Slave For The British?

    How come Sikhs were willing to die rather than become Muslims but yet become slaves of the British Although yes, the Sikhs did fight for a just cause, WW1 & WW2, what happened to the Lion never wanting to be tamed? The moghuls tried it but the Sikhs accepted death but then the British came...
  16. lionsingh

    Islam Is Islam A Religion Of Peace?

    Just a simple question . ?
  17. Admin

    Do We Take Our Rehat Maryada That Seriously?

    Because we don't take our Sikhi seriously enough, the Gurdwara Prabhandhaks also bend all possible rules. They are playing to the Sangat, so they are not only to be blamed. ...Manpreet Singh Question is do we take our Rehat Maryada that seriously? Talaq Joke on Skype Ends Marriage TOI...
  18. K

    Why ARE So Many Modern British Career Women Converting To Islam?

    Why ARE so many modern British career women converting to Islam? Tony Blair’s sister-in-law announced her conversion to Islam last weekend. Journalist Lauren Booth embraced the faith after what she describes as a ‘holy experience’ in Iran. She is just one of a growing number of modern...
  19. spnadmin

    Why A Jewish Seminary Must Find Common Ground With Islam

    Forwarded by forum member Tejwant Singh ji Malik I am proud to be hosting a groundbreaking workshop on Judaism and Islam this week at The Jewish Theological Seminary, in partnership with the Islamic Society of North America and Hartford Seminary, because I believe, as a religious Jew, that...
  20. K

    Islam Islam Center's Eerie Echo Of Ancient Terror

    Islam center's eerie echo of ancient terror by Amir Taheri Should there be a mosque near Ground Zero? In fact, what is pro posed is not a mosque -- nor even an "Islamic cultural...