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Do We Take Our Rehat Maryada That Seriously?


Jun 1, 2004
Because we don't take our Sikhi seriously enough, the Gurdwara Prabhandhaks also bend all possible rules. They are playing to the Sangat, so they are not only to be blamed. ...Manpreet Singh

Question is do we take our Rehat Maryada that seriously?

Talaq Joke on Skype Ends Marriage
TOI, Mumbai, 28th October 2010 Page 21
Pervez Iqal Siddiqui TNN

Lucknow: Talaq is no joke. An e-savvy Qatar resident learnt this the hard way when he typed talaq thrice while chatting with his wife on Skype. He says he did not mean it but Dar-ul-Uloom Deoband has ruled that his nikah stands terminated.

For his careless ‘chat’, the man can remarry his divorced wife only after halaala, a practice under which the woman has to marry and divorce another man before she can marry her previous husband again. Deoband’s fatwa section — Dar-ul-Ifta (DuI) — recently received a written request from Qatar, seeking a fatwa on the amusing situation. The youth stated that he was recently chatting with his wife on Skype when he typed the word talaq three times, though he did not mean it and asked if his nikah was still valid.

Dar-ul-Ifta shot back that the nikah stands terminated. ‘‘When you pronounce talaq three times, it means talaq has taken place, and it does not matter whether the woman has reciprocated or not. Your wife has become ‘haraam’ for you whether you are aware of the commandment of Islam or not. You neither have the right to take her back nor solemnize new nikah with her without a valid halaala. After the completion of iddah (iddat) period, the woman can marry where she wishes except you,’’ the seminary said.

As per senior Islamic scholars, halaala requires the woman to complete her iddat period of 40 days beginning immediately after talaq. During this period she is supposed to stay away from celebrations and socializing. At the end of iddat, she would have to marry another man who should then divorce her. She will be required to go through another round of iddat only then would she be eligible to marry her ‘first husband’.



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