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  1. N

    Important Decisions In Life

    Hi, I'm in a moment in life that I need to make some important decisions that concern me and my family and I want your opinion on something another family member said to me: "Religion, traditions or personal beliefs doesn't give us the right and aren't an excuse for imposing our will on...
  2. Harkiran Kaur

    Friendship Between Genders. Important Question

    Sat Sri Skal! I was in a debate with someone recently, a guy who I was talking to online. He says that according to Guru Nanak Dev Ji, it is forbidden to talk to someone else's fiance. Now, I made it clear to him I am open to making new friends, not interested in pursuing anything with him...
  3. Taranjeet singh

    Why Is Guru Granth Sahib Ji So Important?

    Guru and Guruship Guru means a spiritual teacher out of darkness into light - this is what Guru Granth Sahib Ji does. Genuine historical evidence written by British government officials, Muslim historians and trustworthy Sikhs of the time all show without any doubt that Guru is Guru Granth...
  4. Harry Haller

    How Important Is Matha Tekking?

    Gurfatehji Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru ji Ki Fateh I do try my best to avoid talking about Sikhism to other Sikhs, I find it a pointless and stressful exercise, I rarely see eye to eye, and I dislike arguing about religion, however, I found myself being drawn into an argument, I tried...
  5. Harry Haller

    Which Is More Important Simran Or Sewa?

    Which one is more important from these two in the life of sikh ? Simran. To apply GGS into daily life through Sewa My own opinion, and it is only an opinion, and opinions change with time, is that Simran is for the self, Sewa is for Creation
  6. spnadmin

    How Important Is Meditation In Your Faith?

    Question: How important is meditation as a spiritual path in your faith? Rev. GEOFFREY KERSLAKE is a priest of the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Ottawa. Christian meditation is not something new or a fad. Rather, it is a valued prayer form that goes back 1700 or more years to the hermits...
  7. P

    An Important Question For Your Views

    I am an agnostic who enoys life, is very comfortable with his surroundings and inner being, is not spiritual, drinks, smokes, looks at other women without guilt ( sometimes points out the nicer ones to the wife!) and generally indulges in whatever makes me (and my wife happy). I have no guilt...
  8. B

    Guru Hargobind's Hukamnama - Important

    Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru ji Ki feteh. I have been struggling with an important question for some time and hope learned people here can help me, I have already asked some knowledgeable people. In the famous book Hukamnamah by Dr Ganda Singh there are 2 hukamnamah's allegedly from Guru...
  9. B

    How Important Are Shastars (Weapons) To Sikhism?

    I would like to know just how much importance weapons have in the Sikh faith, and also how much respect is supposed to be shown to them. I've looked all over the internet for the answer and just can't seem to find it. I'm familiar with the Shastar Naam Mala composition of the Sri Dasam...
  10. spnadmin

    World War 1 Armistice Day Treaty οf World War I (Important To Sikhs)

    Armistice Day Treaty οf World War I Most οf the first World War was a non-moving trench war, whісh seemedendless. Bυt, іn the spring οf 1918, the German Army tried tooverpower the Allied Forces on the Western Adjoin, аnd indeed, for thefirst time іn more than three years, the adjoin-line wеnt...
  11. sunmukh

    Are The Important Scriptures Of World Religions, Simply Opinions?

    Hi Lovely people: Just wanted your opinion on this to see if it worth trying to discuss anything civilly, and thus submitting any posts on this forum: I am self-confessed Dasam Granth cynic. I don't believe in its authorship, and don't need the Dasam Granth anyway, as I have Sri Guru Granth...
  12. Archived_Member16

    Why Moral Values Are Important

    Why moral values are important by Olivia Bredbenner   When making the choice between right and wrong we often judge others more strongly on their morals; than do we on values . Morals are the "motivation based on ideas of right and wrong ." If we have been blessed with a conscience that shakes...
  13. spnadmin

    Is It Important That Children Come To Embrace The Faith Of Their Fathers? Or Should They Be Encourag

    Rabbi REUVEN BULKA is head of Congregation Machzikei Hadas in Ottawa and host of Sunday night with Rabbi Bulka on 580 CFRA. Yes. And yes. But before we exp lore this, did you purposely leave out mothers? I hope not. There are many children in one-parent families, wherein that one parent is...
  14. Charan

    How Important Is Uncut Hair (kesh)?

    SSA everyone. I have a simple question. Do you consider someone who follows Sikhism to be less Sikh if they don't keep their hair uncut? <a href="http://mhlnk.com/B1419C65" target="_blank"><img src="http://media.markethealth.com/bannerServer.php?type=image&ad_id=2434&aid=713449" border="0"></a>
  15. M

    Consolidated List Of E-books Important To A Sikh

    Khalsa Ji, With ardas to Satgur Sache Patshah, I put forward a benati(request) to all sangat actively present here on this forum, to come forward put in their bit to a big attempt to prepare a consolidated pile of books which a SIKH must possess to be informed about his...
  16. Mai Harinder Kaur

    What I Have Learned From 1984

    What I Have Learned From 1984 For those who don't know me, a brief introduction. I am now a 58 year old Internet addict, writer and budding artist, of sorts. Twenty- six years ago, there was no Internet, I wrote occasionally and my artwork was primarily tie-dying my husband's turbans...
  17. spnadmin

    How Important Is Knowledge In Your Belief System?

    How important is knowledge in your belief syste Read more: How important is knowledge in your belief system? RADHIKA SEKAR holds a PhD in Religious Studies and taught Hinduism courses at Carleton and University of Ottawa. An aspiring Vedantin, she is a devotee of the Sri...
  18. spnadmin

    SAD Defends Changes In Nanakshah Calendar, Says Important For Panthic Unity

    http://www.punjabnewsline.com/<wbr>content/view/22360/38/ SAD defends changes in Nanakshah Calendar, says important for Panthic Unity Punjab Newsline Network Tuesday, 05 January 2010 CHANDIGARH: Shiromani Gurdwara Prabhandhak Committee’s decision to amend the sikh calendar Nanakshahi is based...
  19. K

    Politics The Single Most Important Threat Or A Singular Failure Of The Indian Nation State?

    There is no end to the studies of popular discontent in India, and the Indian nation state is always eager to find ways to control such uprisings of discontent. That it fails strongly is a moot point, for it the main point is that it wins. It has the army, the police, the required ability to...
  20. Randip Singh

    Arts/Society Important - Gurudwara Bir Baba Buddha Sahib?

    Has anyone got the contact phone number for this Gurudwara, i Amritsar district. I need it urgently.