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  1. spnadmin

    SciTech Will Humans Become Extinct? Greatest Global Threats

    How are humans going to become extinct? By Sean Coughlan http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-22002530 What are the greatest global threats to humanity? Are we on the verge of our own unexpected extinction? An international team of scientists, mathematicians and philosophers at Oxford...
  2. spnadmin

    Opinion What Does It Take To Spark Prejudice In Humans?

    What does it take to spark prejudice in humans? by Tom Strafford How easy is it for the average fair-minded person to form biased, preconceived views within groups? Surprisingly easy, according to psychology studies...
  3. H

    In Sikhism Is There Original Sin? Or Are Humans Morally Self-conscious Entities?

    dear members sat sri akal. base on sikhism is man a original sinner or a self conscious entity, responsible for his own actions and thoughts? please discuss and give your respected oppinions.
  4. findingmyway

    Nature Humans Increasingly Poisoned By Reef Fish

    Sydney: Human beings are being poisoned by consumption of many reef fish whose flesh is contaminated with toxins, an Australian study says. The illness called ciguatera leads to a painful and debilitating effects on our nervous system, stomach and heart lasting for months. A team of...
  5. findingmyway

    First Evidence From Humans On How Alcohol May Boost Risk Of Cancer

    Almost 30 years after discovery of a link between alcohol consumption and certain forms of cancer, scientists are reporting the first evidence from research on people explaining how the popular beverage may be carcinogenic. The results, which have special implications for hundreds of...
  6. Ambarsaria

    Do Members Of Creation Really Need Humans?

    Life will be just fine with or withour saviors for most life forms. Why do humans thinks they are somehow special and need third parties to keep them going? Isn't eat, sleep and be merry not enough just like most other forms of life. I believe it may be in large part true. Any comments.
  7. Ambarsaria

    The World Today If Humans Evolved To Wolves

    Obviously I won't by communicating over the Internet, there will be Transcendental "WolfNet". However in all seriousness, humans have evolved and become as the claimed highest member of creation on Earth. If our intelligence has stayed at the level of the Wolves, would the world be better...
  8. Archived_Member16

    What Most Humans And Most Religions Are Afraid To Look At

    July 19, 2011 What most humans and most religions are afraid to look at Author: Neale Walsh - The Global Conversation Here is what most humans and most religions are afraid to look at: Perhaps what it is that humans don’t understand about God is that God is not at all what people have...
  9. Astroboy

    Leisure Things Animals Wished Humans Knew

    I know pet lovers and those who connect with animals have this uncanny feeling sometimes that runs at the back of their mind that the animals are trying to convey a message to us, it's just that we don't understand exactly what. This thread is opened to pour out your heart's feelings for...
  10. Archived_Member16

    SciTech Humans To Encounter Aliens By 2031: Russian Scientist

    June 28, 2011 Humans To Encounter Aliens By 2031: Russian Scientist First Posted: 06/28/11 01:16 PM ET Updated: 06/28/11 01:16 PM ET A top Russian astronomer claimed Monday that humans will encounter extraterrestrial life by 2031. "Life exists on other planets and we will find...
  11. spnadmin

    SciTech New View Of How Humans Moved Away From Ape

    s By NICHOLAS WADE Anthropologists studying living hunter-gatherers have radically revised their view of how early human societies were structured, a shift that yields new insights into how humans evolved away from apes. Early human groups, according to the new view, would have been...
  12. spnadmin

    SciTech Neanderthals May Have Interbred With Humans

    Neanderthals may have interbred with humans Genetic data points to ancient liaisons between species. Rex Dalton <!-- -->...
  13. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Humans As Meat-Eaters: Some Perspectives From Science

    This came in the Mail today..Read on... Sahel is the transition region of grassland and shrubland between wooded Africa to its South and Sahara to its north. This is the where the modern humans evolved, after chimps from the wooded south travelled northwards and started...
  14. H

    Salvation Only Attained As Humans? Discrimination?

    Who are we to judge that only when we are human we can meet God. That sounds ridiculous. All living things have a mind and understand pain, but they don't worry about the rain falling or food to eat everyday, unless they are in a cage and provided no food. the birds in the sky don't worry about...
  15. S

    Primate Virus Jumps Species Barrier To Humans For First Time In Asia (UW News)

    Scientists have identified the first reported case in Asia of primate-to-human transmission of simian foamy virus (SFV), a retrovirus found in macaques and other primates. The infection took place at a monkey temple in Bali, Indonesia. Even though SFV may not prove dangerous to humans, the...
  16. N

    Primate Virus Jumps Species Barrier To Humans For First Time In Asia (EurekAlert!)

    Scientists have identified the first reported case in Asia of primate-to-human transmission of simian foamy virus (SFV), a retrovirus found in macaques and other primates that so far has not been shown to cause disease in humans...
  17. N

    Why Do Humans Fear Death?

    Why do humans fear death? Is this a condition that exists in all life or merely in sentient life? If you could be immortal would you? What are your views in how human beings overcome death?