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Salvation Only Attained As Humans? Discrimination?

Discussion in 'Sikh Sikhi Sikhism' started by harsimiritkaur, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. harsimiritkaur

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    Aug 19, 2005
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    Who are we to judge that only when we are human we can meet God. That sounds ridiculous. All living things have a mind and understand pain, but they don't worry about the rain falling or food to eat everyday, unless they are in a cage and provided no food. the birds in the sky don't worry about food, because they automatically search for food, believing they will find something. They don't worry about what is God. They just accept the natural laws of the universe. Why should we think that us humans are more important that other forms of life. God's atam and glory is everywhere. When we die, we are automatically reabsorbed into the universe, because nothing gets completely destroyed. You burn food and it becomes carbon. Our minds die, but our essence lingers on. When we die, God only knows what happens to us. If we reach mukta, then the transition from human to the other dimension of existence is smoother. When we reach mukta, we say, "Meh nahin tun sabh kich tera. "I am not all is Yours." and Tera kita jan to nahin me no jog kitoee. "All you have done for me, I can't fully know, only You can make my worth show." Mundavenee M 5 1429.

    Since we are always part of the universe, this does not mean that we stop becoming part of the universe. We will always be here in some form or state or another. Having naam makes us realize that dook sookh sam. pain and pleasure are the same. All is a product of God hukam natural laws. There is no difference being a human or being a dog or a rock or just vibrations which we all are anyway. When we meet God and then die in this world, we stop recycling, no, I don't think so. I think we stop misunderstanding what is happening to us. We thought we were recycling, but we are just products of God's stable hukam. Chook gey fir aven jani as Kabir Ji says, I think it means that we no longer focus on our ego sensations and we reflect on God's hukam. We forget we are undergoing changes, but when you meet God, you reach sacha kand where it is as if your recycling stops. Eeha ooha sach hove. God is true here and there, in this life and the next. Samavaniya, Left and Right big and small, all is the reflection of the mystery of God and truth and reality. Wah wah wada tera tamasha.

    I no longer see day and night, all is just the beauty of God's hukam in operation. waheguru.
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