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  1. Gurmat Sangeet Network

    Gurmat Sangeet Network - Gurmat Sangeet Video Archive

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! The grace of the House of Satguru Nanak has given us a gem which we call Gurmat Sangeet, but sadly today there are very few who can truly say that they advocate this vidya (art). For over a hundred years Sikhism had lost this gem to commercialism...
  2. S


    gUjrI ] AMiq kwil jo lCmI ismrY AYsI icMqw mih jy mrY ] srp join vil vil AauqrY ]1] ArI bweI goibd nwmu miq bIsrY ] rhwau ] AMiq kwil jo iesqRI ismrY AYsI icMqw mih jy mrY ] bysvw join vil vil AauqrY ]2] AMiq kwil jo liVky ismrY AYsI icMqw mih jy mrY ] sUkr join vil vil AauqrY ]3] AMiq kwil jo...
  3. Astroboy

    Divine Mystic Reflections On Gurmat

    Click here > Untitled Page I have to thank Sharan Ji for this link.
  4. A

    Gurmat Vichaar

    Some people are misguiding Sangat by making claims that Ardh Ourdh is Swas(breath) - Inhale Exhale. I am posting Gurbani where Guru Ji used Ardh and Ourdh words. Purpose here is to learn What Guru Ji is teaching us, how He uses these terms and what He says about them. In my understanding...
  5. S

    Simran And Bani

    Simran and Bani The bani of Guru Granth Sahib teaches us how to live. It reveals a way of life. It is not a path of intellectual exercises only. To understand this path you have to walk it. It is of no avail if it is confined to only an intellectual plane instead of using it for practical life...
  6. S

    Gurmat Gyaan

    kbIr jI Gru 1 <> siqgur pRswid ] sMqu imlY ikCu sunIAY khIAY ] imlY AsMqu msit kir rhIAY ]1] bwbw bolnw ikAw khIAY ] jYsy rwm nwm riv rhIAY ]1] rhwau ] sMqn isau boly aupkwrI ] mUrK isau boly JK mwrI ]2] bolq bolq bFih ibkwrw ] ibnu boly ikAw krih bIcwrw ]3] khu kbIr CUCw Gtu bolY ] BirAw hoie...
  7. S

    GUrmukhs : Routine As Per Gurmat

    gur siqgur kw jo isKu AKwey su Blky auiT hir nwmu iDAwvY ] (305-16, gauVI, mÚ 4) One who calls himself a Sikh of the Guru, the True Guru, shall rise in the early morning hours and meditate on the Lord's Name. audmu kry Blky prBwqI iesnwnu kry AMimRq sir nwvY ] (305-17, gauVI, mÚ 4) Upon arising...
  8. K

    Gurmat Teaching -Made Compulsory In India

    Re: Gurmat Teaching :Made Compulsory in India I don't think it is possible in india to implement gurmat teaching's in non sikh school.Only sikh schools could do this.
  9. S

    Advice To Seekers As Per Gurmat

    AwigAwkwrI bpurw jIau ] (277-13, gauVI suKmnI, mÚ 5) The helpless beings are subject to His Command. jo iqsu BwvY soeI Puin QIau ] (277-13, gauVI suKmnI, mÚ 5) That which pleases Him, ultimately comes to pass. kbhU aUc nIc mih bsY ] (277-13, gauVI suKmnI, mÚ 5) Sometimes, they abide in...
  10. Astroboy


    Re: Liberation/Mukti/Salvatio Munn Tu Jyot Swaroop Hai, Apna Mool Pachaan. meaning: "Oh mind (self), you are Soul realise your origin." I don't have the page reference at hand. This is what Guru Ji is telling us: When we see this world from Soul's view-point, then we see it...
  11. Tejwant Singh

    Sakhis Do All Sakhis Compliment Gurmat?

    Do all Sakhis compliment Gurmat? It is interesting to observe that how much credence we give to the Sakhis which are passed on as oral traditions and some have been used in writings and are shamlessly used on the pulpit by the Ragis and the Kathavachaks without even giving it a second...
  12. Tejwant Singh

    Oral Traditions- Their Importance And Pitfalls

    Oral traditions are only important if they do not contradict Gurmat. If and when they do, they should be vehemently rejected by the Sikh Panth. It is the Akaal Takhat's duty to do that. Rather than banning tables and chairs in the Langar halls and trying to ban gay marriage in another country...
  13. K

    Videos - Gurmat Classes In English By Bhai Joginder Singh Ji

    From Friday 6th July 2007 - Latest Update Focusing our mind on GOD YouTube - Focusing our mind on GOD The Method of Remembering GOD YouTube - The Method of Remembering GOD GOD resolves all our problems YouTube - GOD resolves all our problems The suffering of the mind YouTube - The...
  14. S

    What Is Gurmat Vichaar?

    Respected kaur-1 Ji, as per your request. I am not a good writer, will try to put my thoughts together on the subject. Please assist me whaerever you can. Gurbani teaches us to do- Naam Simran, Practice Contentment, Practice Physical and Mental control, Gurbani Vichaar and Selfless Seva...
  15. Tejwant Singh

    Gurmat Values= Mankind Values

    'Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate,Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.Its our light, not our darkness, that most frighten us.We ask ourselves: who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?Actually, who are you not to be?You are a child of the...
  16. A

    Gurmat Magazine

    Vaaheguroojeekakhalsa Vaaheguroojeekeefatehh "Sada Virsa Sada Gaurav" Monthly Magazine of Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle, July 2007 issue is now ONLINE click: Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle - Magazines you can download the whole magazine or selected articles. You can also view and download the...
  17. A

    Gurmat Presentations

    Download free Powerpoint Presentations on Gurmat and Drug Abuse http://ggssc.net/download.php?exp=377&category=Gurmat
  18. K

    Gurmat's View On Devi Devte (hindu Gods)?

    By Manvir Singh ji Daas would like to share a question which a non-Sikh emailed me with and the reply to it. Thanks Q/ What is the meaning of pauree (stanza) 25 in Japji Sahib, which talks about Brahma and Shiva speaking? What is the first Nanak's view of the Hindu devas? Does the Guru Granth...

    Gurmat Giaan

    aultI ly skiq shwrM ] (972-2, rwmklI, Bgq kbIr jI) ultee lay sakat sahaaraN Turning away from materialism, I have found intuitive support. paiseelay gagan majhaaraN. I have entered into the sky of the mind, and opened the Tenth Gate. bayDhee-alay chakar bhuangaa. The chakras of the coiled...

    Gurmat Gyaan

    irhaa pingulaa a-or sukhmanaa teen baseh ik thaa-ee. The energy channels of the Ida, Pingala and Shushmanaa: these three dwell in one place. baynee sangam tah piraag man majan karay tithaa-ee. ||1|| This is the true place of confluence of the three sacred rivers: this is where my mind takes its...