14th Annual Sikh Youth Gurmat Camp-Maryland-August 1 - August 8, 2009


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Vaaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh
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Guru Harkrishan Institute of Sikh Studies (GHISS) would like to remind you of the 14th Annual Sikh Youth Gurmat Camp in Maryland from August 1 - August 8, 2009. Only the first 100 registrants with completed applications will be accepted.

If you have registered online or by mail and have not received the preparation package yet, please contact us immediately. If you are planning to send your child(ren) to the camp and have not registered yet, please do so at your earliest so that the kids can get enough time to prepare for the camp.

The camp is for youth of ages 7-19 years. It is an endeavor to expose the Sikh youth of the western world to the principles and values of Sikhism. It is an attempt to create a Sikh environment and provide a glimpse of the Sikh way of life. The camp is lead by motivated Gursikhs. To help our youth identify their roots, Sikh History has been kept an important focus of the camp. The camp is comprised of Kirtan and Tabla classes, Gatka training, daily Kirtan Diwans, organized seminars, discussions, sports, and various competitions and other activities. The camp is a unique opportunity for the western youth to get sangat of Gurmukhs like Bhai Amolak Singh Jee (Australia), Bhai Mehar Singh Jee (India), and many other Gursikh personalities that have been invited to the camp to provide the youth with a rich Gursikhi experience.

Further information about the camp can be obtained from the Gurmat Camps section of the official website of GHISS at http://www.ghiss.org. The website has pictures from past camps (including Camp 2008!). You can register online using the online registration form or download the form in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.
Please pass on this information to your local Gurdwara, family and friends, and to any other Sikhism-related mailing list you belong to.
Please feel free to email Gurdeep Singh at gurdeep@sikhlink.net for any further information.

Vaaheguroo Jee Kaa Khalsaa
Vaaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh