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  1. Ishna

    Trouble Understanding This Pauree Of Bhai Gurdas

    Gurfateh I've recently been reading Bhai Gurdas Vaars. I was reading Vaar 2, Pauri 6. I continued reading as many examples were given. However, I still struggle with the very last line of this Pauri (highlighted in green). I think the translation might be a little off. Can someone please...
  2. spnadmin

    News Incorrect Translation Of Bhai Gurdas Gaining Ground In Deras (ਸਿੱਖ ਵੀਕਲੀ)

    Full story at this link http://www.sikhweekly.com/Page%208.htm
  3. Ambarsaria

    (In Punjabi/ਪੰਜਾਬੀ) Gurdas Mann, My Favorites

    YouTube - Gurdas Mann - uchadar babe nanak da.flv YouTube - GURDASS MANN PUNJABI E JUBANE( MUST WATCH) YouTube - Challa [HQ] - Gurdas Mann http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=pxKPp4fPe5I Punjab needs writers, voices and artists like him. Enjoy
  4. Archived_Member16

    Sikh News British Doctorate For Punjabi Singer Gurdas Mann

    British doctorate for Punjabi singer Gurdas Mann PTI, Aug 31, 2010, 07.55pm IST NEW DELHI: Renowned Punjabi singer Gurdas Mann will be honoured with a doctorate in world music from University of Wolverhampton, UK. Mann, known for giving Punjabi Music a global face, will be receiving the...
  5. IJSingh

    Bhai Gurdas: Sikhi's First Public Intellectual

    Bhai Gurdas: Sikhi's First Public Intellectual [1551 - 1636] by I.J. SINGH His life is the stuff of legends - fascinating and utterly baffling at the same time. Sikhs know him best as the man who laboriously and meticulously penned the first ever collation of Sikh scriptural writings...
  6. Dalvinder Singh Grewal

    Varan Bhai Gurdas On Nature - In Punjabi

    BweI gurdws dIAW vwrW ivc kudrq dlivMdr isMG gRyvwl Bwg pihlw BweI gurdws (1551 qNo 25 Agsq 1636 eI) BweI gurdws jI isKI dy auh cmkdy isqwry hn ijnHW nUM is~KW dy guru rUp srvoqm gRMQ sRI guru gRMQ swihb nUM sB qoN pihlW kwnIbMd krn dw suBwg pRwpq hoieAw[aunW dw jnm goieMdvwl...
  7. Tosh

    Missing Passage In Varan

    Search on the Internet suggests there are 40 varan. However, there are passages which are not included in the 40 varas. What is the proof that there are just 40 varan? The specific passage that I am referencing is: kab laagai masathak charanan raja dharas dhaeiaa dhrigan kab dhaekho | anmrith...
  8. S

    Contribution Of Bhai GUrdas Ji

    Bhai Gurdas ji Kindly refer post -2 below for references.
  9. A

    Vaar Bhai Gurdas Ji

    Forty Vaaran and 675 Kabitt-Savaiyye, were written by Bhai Gurdaas ji (d. 1636) at different periods of his life. He was then the honored scribe of Aad Bir, or first recession of Sri Guru Granth Sahib, thus his understanding and knowledge of Gurbaani can be held very close to Guru Sahib’s true...
  10. S

    Bhai Gurdas

    inrml nIr suhwvxw suBr srvr kvl Pulµdy] rUp AnUp srUp Aiq gMDsugMD hoie mhkMdy] Bvrw vwsw mMJ vx KojihM eyko Koj lhMdy] loB luBq mkrMd rs dUr idsMqr Awie imlµdy] sUrj sgn audoq hoie srvr kvl iDAwn DrMdy] ffU ickV vws hY kvl is\wn n mwx skMdy] swD sMgq gur Sbd sux gur aupdyS rihq n rhMdy] msqk...
  11. S

    Vaaran Bhai Gurdas Ji(The Key)

    Vaar 36 Pauri 21 ਹਉ ਅਪਰਾਧੀ ਗੁਨਹਗਾਰ ਹਉ ਬੇਮੁਖ ਮੰਦਾ । hau aparaadhee gunahagaar hau baymukh mandaa| I am a criminal, a sinner, evil and apostate. ਚੋਰੁ ਯਾਰੁ ਜੂਆਰਿ ਹਉ ਪਰ ਘਰਿ ਜੋਹੰਦਾ । choru yaaru jooaari hau par ghari johandaa| I am a thief, adulterer; gambler who always keeps his eye upon...
  12. S

    Bhai GUrdas Ji

    Bhai Gurdas: The Blessed Scribe Bhai Gurdas, the amanuensis, who inscribed the Adi Granth at the dictation of Guu Arjun was also the author of 39 vars (ballads in the heoric meter) in Punjabi and 556 kabits (couplets) in Braj language. These vars are of great historical and theological...
  13. A

    What Is Bhai Gurdas Jee's Key?

    Pray Truth for all and say Satsriakaal! Dear all! Many preachers say that they have the key given by Bhai Gurdas Jee to understand Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee. May I ask if Sikhs have now learnt to worship the key first and the true Guru later? Balbir Singh
  14. Archived_Member16

    Bhai Gurdas Ji - The Bulwark Of Sikhi

    http://www.sikh-history.com/sikhhist/gurus/gurdas.html BHAI GURDAS JI - THE BULWARK OF SIKHI Bhai Gurdus ji is much honoured for his Sikhi way of life and literary work. He was a leading figure in Sikhism who enjoyed the partronage of Guru Arjan under whose supervision he inscribed the...
  15. S

    Vaaran Bhai Gurdas Ji

    rs BirAw rs rKdw bolx Ax bolx ABirTw] suixAw Ax suixAw krY kry vIcwr ifTw AxifTw] AKIN DUV AtweIAw AKI ivc AMgUr bihTw] iekdUM bwhly bUt hoie isr qlvwXw ieThu ieTw] doh KUMf ivc pIVIAY toty lwhy ieq gux imTw] vIh iekIh vrqdw AvguixAwry vixTw] mMnY gMnY vWg suiDTw ] Here Bhai Gurdas ji is...
  16. Akashdeep Singh

    Sikh News Gurdas Maan Meets Another Accident, Escapes

    Another accident, another escape for Mann Vishal Joshi Tribune News Service This is what remains of Punjabi singer Gurdas Mann’s Range Rover car after it met with an accident near Karnal on...
  17. dalsingh

    Translating A Vaar Of Bhai Gurdas. Please Help If You Can Understand Punjabi!

    Would the sangat bless me with their Punjabi skills. The following is from Vaar 5 Pauri 8 (Bhai Gurdas). I've been trying to understand it in Punjabi and some of translation that is given doesn't seem right. (i've put in square brackets what I understand, could the sangat help me with the...
  18. Singhstah

    Stop Gurdas Mann

    Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa! Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!! Something needs to be done just after watching gurbani on alpha today and advert advertising Gurdas Mann's so called Vaisakhi concert, how dare he first of all have a music concert on vaisakhi, secondly he isnt even a proper sikh himself, he...
  19. V

    How Vars Of Bhai Gurdas Ji Are Key To Gurbani?

    Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh Das wants to know that how or from where we come to know that Vars of Bhai Gurdas ji are Key to Gurbani? Is it an oral tradition or do we have wriittan record ? Where is the oldest version of them in manuscript being kept and is that the origeonal version?