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  1. Chaan Pardesi

    Opinion Alcohol: A Social Disease That Many Malaysian Sikhs Find Irresistable

    Gurcharan Singh Alcohol-a Sikh Social problem in Malaysia Alcoholism is a social illness and disease very peculiar to only the SIKHS, especially in Malaysia.When this matter is raised, they go into denial, refusal to acknowledge and refute any ownership. Every trick is used to justify...
  2. findingmyway

    Cooking Without Alcohol

    Have you had a recipe listing alcohol in the ingredients and wondered what you can use instead? Try some of these: http://homecooking.about.com/library/archive/blalcohol6.htm Alcohol Substitutions Alcoholic Ingredient Description Substitution Amaretto Italian...
  3. findingmyway

    First Evidence From Humans On How Alcohol May Boost Risk Of Cancer

    Almost 30 years after discovery of a link between alcohol consumption and certain forms of cancer, scientists are reporting the first evidence from research on people explaining how the popular beverage may be carcinogenic. The results, which have special implications for hundreds of...
  4. N

    Dealing With Your Sikh Child's Drug & Alcohol Addiction

    Sat Sri Akal, I belong to a very religious Sikh family, and I am a mother of an 18 year old son who has been abusing alcohol & drugs for the past 3 years. My husband and I have tried to help him but unfortunately we have had no success in our efforts to stop him from using drugs & alcohol...
  5. K

    5 Saroops Of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Thrown Into Well - Destroyed Alcohol Poured On Top

    Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji....Beadbi (Insult) udhampur nallaan near morinda - YouTube Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji's Saroop insult Biadabi by throwing them in Well at Udhampur Nalan Morinda - YouTube
  6. Ambarsaria

    One Drink Too Many? A Discussion Of Alcohol And Sikhi

    This thread consists of comments moved from their original thread at http://www.sikhphilosophy.net/sikh-sikhi-sikhism/35694-should-we-serve-alcohol-guru-ka.html Should We Serve Alcohol as Guru Ka Langar Thanks/spnadmin Let anyone who has no alcohol in their blood stand up and be counted or...
  7. findingmyway

    Alcohol Blamed For High Suicide Rates In Northern Ireland

    Alcohol blamed for high suicide rates in Northern Ireland Alcohol and drugs are fuelling homicide and suicide rates in Northern Ireland, a new independent report by University of Manchester researchers has found, with alcohol appearing to be a key factor for the country’s higher suicide...
  8. A

    Learn Punjabi Want To Learn Punjabi

    hello... m very new to this but m very much intrsted to learn punjabi.... can u please help me out with this.....
  9. findingmyway

    General Children Who Watch Parents Drink 'Are Twice As Likely To Binge On Alcohol'

    Children who watch parents drink 'are twice as likely to binge on alcohol' Young people also more likely to drink if parents leave them unsupervised, according to Joseph Rowntree survey...
  10. G

    Eating Foods Cooked In Alcohol

    You aren't allowed to eat foods cooked in alcohol because it still remains even after the food is cooked right? Also, does anyone know if they use alcohol to make food in indian restaurants like the meat appetizers at parties?
  11. G

    Should We Serve Alcohol As Guru Ka Langar?

    Should we serve Alcohol as Guru Ka Lanagar? For many celebration is a time of joy , when a moment comes in a family, when there is finally a engagement , wedding, when there is finally a child born. These are times of joy and happiness, and for most people we mark these occasions with...
  12. S

    Need Help With Drinking!

    Guys i cant stop drinking How can vaheguru help me please
  13. findingmyway

    Report Reveals Alcohol Cancer Link

    One in 10 cancers in men and one in 33 in women across Western Europe are caused by drinking, according to new research. While even small amounts increases the risk, drinking above recommended limits causes the majority of cancer cases linked to alcohol, experts said. Even former drinkers...
  14. H

    Consumption Of Alcohol Amongst Sikhs

    Recently I was sent a form from DSGMC (Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee) for inclusion of my name in the voters list for election of DSGMC. Among other things that I was asked to fill, was a declaration that I am a Sikh who: Maintains untrimmed kesh Does not smoke or consume tobbacco...
  15. Archived_Member16

    Controversial Gurdwaras 'Breaking The Sikh Code' On Meat And Alcohol

    Temples 'breaking the Sikh code' on meat and alcohol By Aftab Gulzar BBC Asian Network Some gurdwaras in the UK are going against their religion by serving meat and alcohol on their premises, according to an association of Sikh followers. The UK Sangat, an association of Sikh followers...
  16. Archived_Member16

    Drug Experts Say Alcohol Worse Than Crack Or Heroin

    Drug experts say alcohol worse than crack or heroin November 1, 2010 - 8:00am EDT By Kate Kelland LONDON (Reuters) - Alcohol is a more dangerous drug than both crack and heroin when the combined harms to the user and to others are assessed, British scientists said Monday. Presenting a new...
  17. Charan

    Alcohol As Parshad?

    YouTube - BABA KAHAN DASS - Kala Sangha "KALA SANGHIAN: This village is situated 13 Kilomaters East of Kapurthala City and is close to Jalandhar. This village is very famous for its attachment with Sixth Guru Shri HarGobind Ji & Baba Kan Dass Ji Maharaj. It is said that Sixth Guru, Shri...
  18. Vikram singh

    Opinion Punjab: Now, Alcohol In Groundwater

    CHANDIGARH: It would seem like a Bacchus lover’s paradise, a dream come true. Only, it’s not. A pollution-level survey is looking into excessive levels of alcohol in the groundwater around four major distilleries in Punjab as they are discharging their untreated effluents directly into the soil...
  19. spnadmin

    Alcohol Good For The Heart? Not Really!

    Alcohol good for heart? Not really Aditi Tandon Tribune News Service First-ever study in India dispels alcohol myths No evidence to suggest alcohol is good for the Indian heart Avoid sudden and excess...
  20. A

    Sikhism Sikhism On Alcohol

    [B]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnF-AUj8z_A[/"]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.