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  1. Tejwant Singh

    Nam Niranjan Neel Narayan - Nirinjan Kaur At Spirit Fest 2010

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/u4NYOQK0yLA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  2. Archived_Member16

    India Murder Rate Spikes To 240% In 2010

    Murder rate spikes to 240% in 2010 Latest crime statistics released by the Home Ministry show 22,172 rapes committed last year Iftikhar Gilani New Delhi - October 27, 2011 The number of murders has shot up from 9,802 in 1953 to 33,335 in 2010 The latest crime statistics...
  3. spnadmin

    United Sikhs UNITED SIKHS Distributes Rice To Pakistan’s Flood Victims Of 2010

    One Year On – UNITED SIKHS Distributes Rice to Pakistan’s Flood Victims of 2010 UNITED SIKHS and NATPOW distributed 25,000 kg of rice to Pakistan’s flood affected IDPs “We are thankful to UNITED SIKHS and the Bangkok Sikh Community who remembered Pakistani brothers during these trying times...
  4. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Sikh News The First Annual Sikh Awards 2010, London

    Watch This YouTube - ‪Sikh Awards 2010 (SonyTV Highlights)‬&rlm;
  5. spnadmin

    United Sikhs United Sikhs Launches 2010 Global Sikh Civil & Human Rights Report

    UNITED SIKHS Formally Launches the 2010 Global Sikh Civil & Human Rights Report at the UN Church Center Highlights: 2010 Global Sikh Civil & Human Rights Report was formally launched in March at a press conference and panel discussion at the UN Church Center in New York City. Panelists...
  6. spnadmin

    2010: Closing Cycles

    Forwarded by SPN Mentor Gyani Jarnail Singh "Arshi" ji 2010: Closing cycles from Paulo Coelho's blog One always has to know when a stage comes to an end. If we insist on staying longer than the necessary time, we lose the happiness and the meaning of the other stages we have to go...
  7. spnadmin

    Canada WSO Top 10 In 2010

    December 31st, 2010 For over 26 years the World Sikh Organization of Canada has been at the forefront of Canadian Sikh advocacy. 2010 was a year of challenges for the Sikh community but WSO is proud to have risen to the occasion to give Canadian Sikhs a nuanced and articulate voice in the...
  8. spnadmin

    United Sikhs 2010 Global Sikh Civil And Human Rights Conference : Role Of Women In Protecting Sikh Identity

    Press Release from United Sikhs 2010 Global Sikh Civil & Human Rights Conference Day 1 Role of Women in Protecting the Sikh Identity Highlights: UNITED SIKHS presents the first in the series of updates on the 2010 Global Sikh Civil & Human Rights Conference. On Friday night...
  9. findingmyway

    UK Higher Education, Is It A Birthright?

    Some of you may be aware that recently a change in law has been passed to reduce government spending to universities and charge fees to students from 2013. This issue has been causing lots of tension across the UK, with much protesting that has been turning violent. Current fees are upto ₤3200...
  10. H

    World Obama Not Visiting Golden Temple Among Top 10 Religious Stories Of 2010

    WASHINGTON: The news of US President Barack Obama not visiting the Golden Temple at Amritsar during his recent visit to India, is among the top ten religious stories of 2010 , according to the Time magazine...
  11. N

    General Ban On Cow Slaughtering Taken To The Supreme Court: PL 281 Of 2010

    Greetings, Kindly have a look on link of PIL moved in the Supreme Court of India to get ban on cow slaughtering in India...................https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1sgTzwqjFr1xlU4uK1HBf-bWPf8B46SzR0yAf1Wo_8Oc. This PIL 381 of 2010 might be taken up on or after 26-11-2010, senior...
  12. spnadmin

    United Sikhs Make Your Voices Heard! (Vote In The 2010 Global Sikh Civil Rights Survey)

    Make your voices heard, your opinion counts! Complete the 2010 Global Sikh Civil Rights Survey! November 11, 2010, 9:10 am by rucha Every year since 2008, UNITED SIKHS compiles a report where a community across borders voices their opinions on the current practices, future policies and the...
  13. spnadmin

    UK Amarjit Singh Conferred With 'Sikh Of The Year 2010' Award Read More: Amarjit Singh Conferred With

    LONDON: Additional Solicitor General Amarjit Singh Chandhiok has been conferred with the prestigious 'Sikh of the Year 2010' Award for his outstanding achievement in his profession and for the betterment of society. Britain's Secretary of State for the Home Department Theresa May presented...
  14. spnadmin

    Heritage UNESCO Launches Funding For Lahore Fort, Shalimar Garden

    By Maira Fayyaz LAHORE: UNESCO has launched funding for the World Heritage Sites in Lahore to pay them more attention as they face practical maintenance and management problems. Pakistan is rich in archaeological and historical sites. The Department of Archeology and government of Pakistan...
  15. Archived_Member16

    India Photos Of 'filthy' Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 Village

    Photos of 'filthy' Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 village Link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1314514/Commonwealth-Games-2010-The-squalor-village-revealed-time-runs-organisers.html
  16. spnadmin

    1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom US Court Orders Trial Against Indian Government Minister Kamal Nath September 22, 2010

    U.S. Court Orders Trial Against Indian Government Minister Kamal Nath for His Role in 1984 Genocide of Sikhs - Trial Begins September 22, 2010...
  17. R

    India The Personal Laws (Amendment) Act, 2010

    The Personal Laws (Amendment) Act, 2010 The President has assented to the Personal Laws (Amendment) Act, 2010 on 31st August, 2010 and it is published in the Gazette of India as Act 30 of 2010 on 1st September, 2010. The Act has amended the Guardians and Wards Act, 1890 and the...
  18. Tejwant Singh

    Is Believing In God Evolutionarily Advantageous?

    August 30, 2010 Jesse Bering's mother died of cancer on a Sunday, in her own bed, at 9 o'clock at night. Bering and his siblings closed her door and went downstairs, hoping they might somehow get some sleep...
  19. spnadmin

    SALDEF August 2010 Advocate: SALDEF Previews New NBC Show "Outsourced"

    SALDEF Previews New NBC Show 'Outsourced' On August 16, SALDEF met with NBC executives to preview the pilot episode of the network's new comedy 'Outsourced'. The show, which features a Sikh American as a cast member, is about a manager in the United States whose call center has been outsourced...
  20. spnadmin

    Camp Gian 2010

    CAMP GIAN 2010 This August the 12th annual Camp Gian, in which approximately 150 youth ages 3 to 20 partook, was held. In its twelfth year, Camp Gian had a new home, the Khalsa Care Foundation, but still had the same mission. Youth attended the overnight camp from August 8th through August 13th...