World Obama Not Visiting Golden Temple Among Top 10 Religious Stories Of 2010

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Nov 14, 2008
WASHINGTON: The news of US President Barack Obama not visiting the Golden Temple at Amritsar during his recent visit to India, is among the top ten religious stories of 2010 , according to the Time magazine.

"The Golden Temple in Amritsar is the centre of the Sikh religion and, at one point in the planning of the US President's November trip to India, it had been viewed a likely place for Obama to visit," the prestigious magazine said.

"However, American politics may have gotten in the way. Though the White House has not acknowledged it, the requirement that men cover their heads when they enter the Golden Temple may have scotched the visit.

In the US, Sikhs are very often mistaken for Muslims -- and, when Islamophobia enters, unhappy consequences ensue. That was probably one factor too many for an American politicians already burdened with false but unstanchable scuttlebutt that he is a secret Muslim," the magazine added.

The other top religious stories during the year were 'The Ground Zero Mosque', 'The Vatican and the Child Abuse Scandal', 'The Rev. Terry Jones Threatens to Burn Korans' and 'Christians Under Attack in the Middle East', it said.

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