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India Murder Rate Spikes To 240% In 2010

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Murder rate spikes to 240% in 2010

Latest crime statistics released by the Home Ministry show 22,172 rapes committed last year

Iftikhar Gilani
New Delhi - October 27, 2011


The number of murders has shot up
from 9,802 in 1953 to 33,335 in 2010

The latest crime statistics released by the Home Ministry point to an alarming trend compared to the previous decades with the murder rate spiking to as high as 240.1%. While dacoity and burglary show a declining trend across the country, murders, rapes, kidnappings and rioting have increased manifold over the past 58 years since the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) started recording and profiling criminal trends.

According to the statistics, released here by Union Home Minister P Chidambaram on Thursday, the number of murders has shot up from 9,802 in 1953 to 33,335 in 2010; rapes by 791.5% (from 2,487 in 1971 to 22,172 in 2010); kidnappings and abductions by 630.7% (from 5,261 in 1953 to 38,440 in 2010); robberies by 178.3% (from 8,407 in 1953 to 23,393 in 2010) and engineering of riots by 229.1% (from 20,529 in 1953 to 67,571 in 2010).

Burglary/break-ins has declined by 38.8% (from 1,47,379 in 1953 to 90,179 in 2010) and by 21.9% (from 5,579 in 1953 to 4,358 in 2010).

Crime in 2010 increased by 4.9% compared to 2009. In 2010, 22,24,831 crimes were reported under the Indian Penal Code against 21,21,345 cases in 2009. Murders committed in 2010 went up by 3.0% (33,335) compared to 2009 (32,369). While incidents of rapes in the same time period increased by 3.6%, kidnappings and abductions increased by 13.5%.

The report also shows how crimes against the fair sex have increased alarmingly despite the Chief Minister of Delhi and the Chairman of the Congress party, which heads the ruling UPA alliance at the Centre, being women. Crime against women during 2010 gone up by 4.8% (2,13,585) compared to 2,03,804 in 2009. Crime against children also went up by 10.3% (26,694) in 2010 compared to 24,201 in 2009.

Crimes against Scheduled Castes have declined by 2.6% (32,712) in 2010 compared to 33,594 in the previous year. Crimes against Scheduled Tribes in the same period show an increase of 8.5% (5,885) compared to 5,425 cases in 2009.

Further, the report has recorded deaths of 3,84,649 persons in accidents in the year 2010 compared to 3,57,021 in 2009 indicating an increase of 7.7%. Road accidents caused the death of 1, 33,938 persons 2010, an increase of 5.5% compared to 2009 (1, 26,896). In addition, 1,34,599 persons committed suicide in 2010. “Family problem was the major reason for such suicides (31,856) followed by illness (28,464). Of the total suicides reported, 44,535 persons (33.1%) consumed poison and 42,266 (31.4%) hanged themselves,” the report added.

Courtesy: NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau)

Iftikhar Gilani is Special Correspondent with Tehelka.com


source: http://www.tehelka.com/story_main50.asp?filename=Ws271011CRIME.asp
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Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Sexual exploitation of minor girls up by 186%

Himanshi Dhawan, TNN | Oct 28, 2011, 04.38AM IST

NEW DELHI: An increasing number of children, particularly minor girls, are being trafficked for sexual exploitation, shows National Crime Records Bureau data.

Cases of sexual exploitation of minor girls jumped from 237 in 2009 to 679 in 2010, a 186.5% increase. West Bengal reported 200 cases, followed by Bihar (152).

While crime against children went up by 10%, the corresponding figure for women stood at 4.8%. A total of 26,694 cases of crimes against kids were reported in 2010, up from 24,201 cases in 2009. While MP (4,912) accounted for 18.4% of the cases, Delhi recorded 3,630 incidents (13.6%).

Only 100 cases of infanticide and 111 cases of foeticide were reported last year, indicating social suppression of the problem.

NCRB data found that Delhi accounted for 16% of the crime reported against women, followed by Hyderabad among 35 cities with over 10 lakh population.

Of the 2.13 lakh crimes against women in 2010, Andhra topped with 27,244 cases, or 12.8%, while Tripura had the highest rate of crime against women at 46.5%. The rate of crime is calculated according to per lakh of population.

Women were troubled most by domestic violence: as many as 94,041 cases were reported, an increase of 5%. But it was kidnapping and abduction that has seen the highest increase, registering a 15.7% increase with 29,795 cases. The highest number of kidnapping and abduction (5,468) and dowry deaths (2,217) were reported from UP.

source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/...inor-girls-up-by-186/articleshow/10513877.cms



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