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Recent content by seekingsikhi

  1. seekingsikhi

    If Christianity Can Be Proven Wrong, Then What Makes Sikhism So Right?

    I think Christianity's biggest issue is that they've forgotten their guru and his message. They don't worship God anymore, they worship Jesus because of the declarations of the Council of Nicaea that Jesus and God were the same person somehow. Christianity fails because they give in to the...
  2. seekingsikhi

    Hard Talk Male Domination, Gender Discrimination In Sikhism

    Apology accepted, and I would ask you measure statement like those more carefully in the future. Absolutely. Here's my issue with our back and forth. You told Harkiran Kaur ji that you and she are on the same page regarding women. She and I are on the same page regarding women. So what're...
  3. seekingsikhi

    Hard Talk Male Domination, Gender Discrimination In Sikhism

    It's my understanding that you never STOP seeking sikhi. And, no, I'm attempting to approach sikhi from a perspective of truth, compassion, and contemplation; and if I'm being honest I don't appreciate your dismissive/disparaging response. These are strawman arguments. You're addressing the...
  4. seekingsikhi

    Sikhi Realization: The True Path Of Sikhi - The Meaning Of Naam

    This came at a most opportune time for me, Gyani Jarnail Singh Ji. Thank you.
  5. seekingsikhi

    Hard Talk Male Domination, Gender Discrimination In Sikhism

    Fair enough, and I concede the point that women had a hand in this as well; just as they had male allies in the return of said rights. But in order to change society we have to change the way its constituents view the issue. The gurus attempted this; and even still men in the panth believe...
  6. seekingsikhi

    Hard Talk Male Domination, Gender Discrimination In Sikhism

    Tejwant Singh Ji, Let me rephrase. Save for obvious things like sperm-production, God did not deny women the ability to do anything a man can do. Anything that a man can do that a woman cannot do must therefore have been mandated by God; explicitly or implicitly. When a man says "You cannot...
  7. seekingsikhi

    Christian Hymns And Sikh Doctorine

    Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh Sangat ji, My gurmukhi is coming along well, but I'm left with a longing. I can sing and say kirtan and shabads well enough for the length of time I've been learning, but at this point I do not know enough Punjabi (to say nothing of any of the other...
  8. seekingsikhi

    Sikhi Pomp, Show & Splendor And True Respect Of The Guru?

    Thank you Gyani Jarnail Singh Ji. This hit me on a deep level. I haven't been to many gurdwaras, but there's something very comforting for me about going to one that is humble. The dog and pony show is great for special occasions, but if all the donations are going to the building fund and...
  9. seekingsikhi

    Hard Talk Male Domination, Gender Discrimination In Sikhism

    This raises a point that I've had trouble reconciling on my own. I came to this issue over voting "rights" once. Men do not have the power to grant to women something that should have been theirs all along; so saying women "won" the right to vote, or were "given" the right to vote, etc. isn't...
  10. seekingsikhi

    Anand Sahib 5

    IMG_1794 by seekingsikhi posted Jan 23, 2018 at 8:07 AM IMG_1793 by seekingsikhi posted Jan 23, 2018 at 8:07 AM Here are photos from the copy I'm using. Let me know if it's hard to read
  11. seekingsikhi

    Anand Sahib 5

    Sangat Ji To practice my Gurmukhi I have been turning to random pages in a copy of the nitnem, covering the romanization, and just trying to get the sounds. I still know almost no Punjabi, so I'm really just practicing saying it more than speaking it. I dont always read the translation but I did...
  12. seekingsikhi

    Pride And Balance

    Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh Sangat ji, A couple of weeks ago I took a very important test for getting into school. I did well on it. So well in fact that my ahankaar nearly got the best of me and I almost made a couple of bad decisions. I wanted to celebrate, and not without...
  13. seekingsikhi

    First Trip To The Gurdwara!

    WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA! WAHEGURU JI KI FATEH! Sangat ji, I went to the gurdwara for the first time last night. Not literally the first time: I've walked in to matha taykna or meditate before, but this was the first time I actually went and spent time with the sangat and sang kirtan and "did"...
  14. seekingsikhi

    Paghs For The Hearing Impaired

    Thank you, friends! My hearing is not yet so bad as to merit the use of hearing aids, but it likely will be before my time is up.
  15. seekingsikhi

    Paghs For The Hearing Impaired

    Sangat ji, I would like to start wearing a pagh, but I have trouble hearing and am worried a pagh that covers my ears will make that problem worse. Is there a specific type that I can tie that will allow me ears to stay exposed?