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Leisure What Is In The Name! - Humour

Scarlet Pimpernel

We seek him here,we sikh
May 31, 2011
In the Self
Re: Humour

Isna Ji ,Community in the real world is a dying thing so it's no wonder that we get absorbed in the Internet Commune. Commune being an intentional community sharing common interests most of which hopefully will be God related ,but thankfully we don't live together as I smell!


May 9, 2006
Re: Humour

Gyani ji, I was a teenager when the Internet was first gaining popularity (I was still using a 14.4k modem!), and my parents did a good job of scaring the begeezus out of me with "If you tell anyone on Earth your real name on the internet they will track you down and rape/kill you!"

And being the impressionable teenager I was, I took that on board and it's hard for me to shake to this day!

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