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  1. I

    General Is It Humor Or Truth?

    When i ws small.somone told me tt in pakistan there is onr mosque in which shivling is present n if ne sikh or hindu vl go n put water on that shivling then all.the muslim .populationvl die i js wanna know the truth pls dont misunderstand it vd spreading rumours its hs a question.wich i wanna ask.
  2. Ishna

    Leisure What Is In The Name! - Humour

    You know you've been spending too much time on SPN when you nearly send a work-related email with your SPN screen name instead of your real name...! ISHNA. :happykudi:
  3. IJSingh

    Racist Humour: A Touch Of No Class

    Racist Humour: A Touch of No Class A Sikh friend got drawn into a fairly predictable situation recently. He was at a largely Indian function celebrating Divali somewhere in Middle America. After the evening's concluding piece - bhangra - the master of ceremonies came on with patter that...
  4. C

    Punjabi Humour/Humor

    Hey all, thanks for having me on the site first of all, i discovered it through google and there's much intelligent thought here. I have a small question, which is not so much philosophical but maybe others have thought the same? I've been trying to explain to a non punjabi speaker the crazy...