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What Is Good? What Is Bad?


May 12, 2016
Off course we are encouraged by sri guru granth sahib ji to keep good company but thats part of relative realities we live in (separate world), relatives realities are there in gurbani to cater to the seeker/beginner and help seeker to transcendence but once absolute truth as whole is realized those distinctions good and bad company are gone away- even slight perception of good and bad is gone there is no seperate good or bad as same sri guru granth sahib ji talks about there is no good or bad from absolute point of view.

Allow me to provide one example based on my research and understanding:

World is false-maya/illusion -dream like -relative as separate relative reality perception (see-shalok nauvan and other places) but same world/ universe is true as eh sansar Hari roop as absolute truth (see-anand sahib).

Only way to reconcile these positions which are at the opposite side of spectrum is context of relative and absolute and ultimately shift of perception, transcendence to absolute reality otherwise one may feel doubts/feel contradictions regarding positions held in both compositions.
Awesome posts :)

The Gurus taught everyone without distinction, they lived for truth. No one was judged, prostitues, serial killers and other criminals included.

The Gurus knew that we are all equal in truth, we are simply all at our own stages of learning, as He wills it and they respected His hukam.

The 10th King offered water to mogul soldiers who just before had been fighting members of his own army, they saw the divine light in All. Everyone is a potential Saint, brahmgyani, Bhagat, we all have a good side and a bad side, it depends on what we choose to channel and focus on.

In reality there's no good or bad, it's all just God frequency.

Bad company in Gurbani equates to people taken by the maya illusion who don't believe, care about or strive to find or serve truth, which is the purpose of this game we call life.

The best company is the Satsangat, Bhagats, Sants, brahmgyanis. They're of the same and their hearts are open to each other.

Jesus told his Bhagats to go out and teach people who were stuck in maya and to spread their goodness in the world, company doesn't mean attachment, we remain detached.

The reason the satsangat is the best sangat is because they live in detachment, when you associate with someone of This sangat, you love them but in detachment, there's no maya involved.
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