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Verses About Origin Of Man

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Verses About Origin Of Man


Feb 13, 2006
Sath Shri Akal

im am to do a presentation in my clas s about how life originated...the only verses i could find was this :

True Lord created air that formed into water. From water are created all the three worlds, each being bestowed with a Divine-Spark, soul being.

and in a powerpoint presentation named "sikhi and science" i read this note:

However, Guru Nanak declared about 340 years before the famous naturalist, Charles, R. Darwin (1809-1882), that the present status of man was achieved by him after passing through a long process of evolution (16, 17). Thus, a religion based on unscientific and illogical principles will not survive very long.

where can i find this verse, where Guru Nanak states this?

do u also know other verses that talk about origin of life/mankind..

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