1. spnadmin

    Sikhism Sarna's New Muse: 111 Verses Of Zafarnama In English

    Sarna's new muse: 111 verses of Zafarnama in English New Delhi, Jan 16 (IANS) Diplomat-author Navtej Sarna has always felt a creative kinship with exiles. This time round, he has penned an English translation of Zafarnama - 111 spiritually resonant Persian verses of impassioned plea for...
  2. V

    Answers To The Issues Raised By Gyani Bhag Singh Ji On The Verses Onto Tenth Master

    Gurfateh Das is touching the part one at last only. Well first of all das will talk about few Sikh writings which talks of contents of Shri Dasham Granth Sahib Ji. Kesar Singh’s Bansavali Nammah talks of a book by Tenth Master or Dasham Patshah Ju Ka Granth. Rahit...
  3. Astroboy

    Spiritual Riddle In SGGS

    aasaa || AasaaSaint Kabir pehilaa pooth pishhairee maaee || First, the son was born, and then, his mother. gur laago chaelae kee paaee ||1|| The guru falls at the feet of the disciple. ||1|| eaek achanbho sunahu thumh bhaaee || Listen to this wonderful thing, O Siblings of Destiny...
  4. A

    Verses Stating That All People Can Go To Paradise

    sath shri Akal. can u provide me with verses from SGGS stating that all religions can take you to paradise, or people from other faiths will not be thrown in hell or be punished anyhow for not being sikhs?. thank you in advance. i found this myself, but need more: Page 142, Line 8 ਰਾਹ ਦੋਵੈ...
  5. A

    Verses About Origin Of Man

    Sath Shri Akal im am to do a presentation in my clas s about how life originated...the only verses i could find was this : True Lord created air that formed into water. From water are created all the three worlds, each being bestowed with a Divine-Spark, soul being. [19] and in a powerpoint...
  6. B

    Islam Abrogated Verses In The Koran

    It would be gr8 if someone can comment/provide views on the following "Let there be no compulsion in religion; truth stands out clearly from error" (Sura 2.256). Apologists for Islam often quote this verse, and most Westerners...