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The Only True Relationship Is With God

Jun 11, 2004
Maaroo, First Mehl:
Neither the sisters, nor the sisters-in-law, nor the mothers-in-law, shall remain.
The true relationship with the Lord cannot be broken; it was established by the Lord, O sister soul-brides. ||1||
I am a sacrifice to my Guru; I am forever a sacrifice to Him.
Wandering so far without the Guru, I grew weary; now, the Guru has united me in Union with my Husband Lord. ||1||Pause||
Aunts, uncles, grandparents and sisters-in-law
- they all come and go; they cannot remain. They are like boatloads of passengers embarking. ||2||
Uncles, aunts, and cousins of all sorts, cannot remain.
The caravans are full, and great crowds of them are loading up at the riverbank. ||3||
O sister-friends, my Husband Lord is dyed in the color of Truth.
She who lovingly remembers her True Husband Lord is not separated from Him again. ||4||
All the seasons are good, in which the soul-bride falls in love with the True Lord.
That soul-bride, who knows her Husband Lord, sleeps in peace, night and day. ||5||
At the ferry, the ferryman announces, ""O travellers, hurry up and cross over.""
I have seen them crossing over there, on the boat of the True Guru. ||6||
Some are getting on board, and some have already set out; some are weighed down with their loads.
Those who deal in Truth, remain with their True Lord God. ||7||
I am not called good, and I see none who are bad.
O Nanak, one who conquers and subdues his ego, becomes just like the True Lord. ||8||2||10||

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