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Surrender Policy Not For Sikh Militants, Says Chidambaram

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
source: http://www.tribuneindia.com/2010/20100218/main2.htm

Surrender policy not for Sikh militants,
says Chidambaram

Jupinderjit Singh
Tribune News Service

Jammu, February 17

The “new surrender policy” for militants being drafted by the state and Central governments is limited to Kashmiri youths only and not for Sikh youths of the state or of Punjab, who had crossed over to Pakistan, Home Minister P Chidambaram categorically said here on Wednesday.

Talking to mediapersons after chairing a meeting of the Unified Command - a joint body of Army, paramilitary, intelligence and police forces - the Home Minister, in response to a question, said the policy was only for Kashmiri youths who had crossed over to PoK.

A demand for inclusion of Sikh youths who crossed over to Pakistan during militancy in Punjab or had taken political asylum in other countries is gaining ground ever since the Centre approved in-principle general amnesty to terrorists willing to renounce militancy and return as law abiding citizens.

A large number of Sikh youths from the state - including four youths from Jammu division convicted in an 1984 plane hijack and Khalistan Zindabad Force chief Ranjit Singh Neeta - are in foreign countries. Many others from Punjab had also crossed over, particularly after Operation Bluestar and the anti-Sikh riots of 1984.

Chidambaram, meanwhile, allayed fears of militants coming to the state under the garb of surrendered youths. “Let me be very clear that we have liked and approved the idea of facilitating return to the state of those youths who renounce terrorism and want to be law abiding citizens, but the modalities are being worked out. The state government is preparing a draft and all fears and objections to the policy would be addressed in the draft to be later discussed minutely,” he said.

The Home Minister stressed that surrendered militants would be screened thoroughly and said it was not a new concept to offer amnesty to such youths. “We have done it earlier. The CRPF inducted a full battalion of surrendered militants in the North-East and the BSF has also recruited 450 such youths, who had shunned anti-India violence and returned to the mainstream.”

The Home Minister also stated there were no differences between senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad and the state leadership over the surrender policy. “Union Health Minister Azad had merely raised some points that we should take into account while making such a policy. And, as already said, we are just drafting the policy and all such issues and concerns would be taken due care of,” he said.
Jan 30, 2010
I just came across the following written by a friend of Parminder Singh Hijacker who was recently deported to India from Canada.I didn't know where to put this item but I think it is relevant with this Surrender issue.

Here is what his friend Hardir writes :
As soon as parminder landed at Delhi his plane was surrounded by 50 to 60 commandos and SWAT headed by Delhi ACP Ravi Shankar. As parminder tried to get out of plane he heard a shout from one on the officer quote” come down a..s h…e now we will baptize you” ” neeche aa ga..du abh tujhe amrit peeliange” means that give you urine to drink.

Then one of the officer tried to grab him and parminder asked him on what grounds they are arresting him and giving this treatment he has no pending case in India. Then officer told him that they are booking him under NSA. Canadian official expressed their shock to the authorities and asked them to stay calm.

But he was taken away with in minutes in a jeep to local police station and kept in a filthiest room where **** was still stuck to the toilet room was full of foul smell. All night he was in that room and served with 35 to 40 pages of charge sheet.

In the morning he was taken to Tihar Jail and kept in Max. security cell with closed circuit cameras. He ws not allowed to meet the relatives for 32 hrs. The relatives met him for 45 mins and he described all this drama.
His room in the jail is also filthy and asked for new bed sheets, pillow covers and comforter. I don’t know if authorities will allow that.

Next meeting is on Tuesday. Canada violated rights of a true refugee and acted against humanity to give such a treatment to person who wanted to live peacefully with family.

He described this treatment in advance to the judge Mosley and Judge Mosley asked what evidence he has, that he will get this treatment. Parminder had described in detail the treatment meted to others in similar circumstances in India. But judge Mosely did not give any credence to it.

We must expose the the atrocities of both Indian and Canadian Govts.

I am a close friend of Parminder and have first hand knowledge of his case.
When this is the attitude of the Indian state towards Sikhs then how can we expect amnesty from the same state ?

The whole story is from :
LFHRI Expressed anguish over detainment of Parminder Singh Saini|SikhSiyasat.net – Sikh News and Multimedia.

You can even read Hardir's letter here.

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