Sikh News Someone Tried To Set Tokyo Gurdwara Sahib On Fire, Little Damage Happened

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It is believed that people are confusing Sikhs with muslims and yeasterday morning someone tried to set Gurdwara Sahib property on fire.

Japanese people are normally very friendly and helpful but this is an isolated incident which is infact very alarming.

As not most of the legal Sangat dont know Japanese so its very hard to communicate with police. At the max. police has advised to another camera on the door where some tried to burn the news papers and sneak them inside the deewan hall through the locked door. I have been told that some of the carpet got burn and one side of the wall got blackened by the fire. The fire went off on its own.

Sikhs in Japan

There are not many Sikhs here so sangat assemble only once a month only but lately more turbaned people have started coming to the Gurdwara Sahib getting this place extra attention in the eyes of japanese people.

We need to do a loads to ground work in this alien world where people are so less aware up about Sikhs.

Guru Fateh ||"