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General Sikhi Path

Nov 14, 2008
Welcome Mick .

there is lot to discuss abt Buddhism and Sikhi . Buddha was surely a perfect soul walked on the the planet like Guru Sahibaan .

i think there is more emphasis on Shunya (ZERO ) in Buddhism ,in Sikhi its Ek (ONE ) IS emphasised.

actualy Shunya/SUNN is also mentioned in SGGS ,at deeper level 0=1:grinningsingh:


Feb 20, 2012

Ishna ji brought up rememberance of Naam with your heart. Mainly NAAM. I have problem with this. What is naam?

In Sikhi it is also said saas gras na visran. What I understand what ever we are doing eating breathing should remember Naam or recite it.
I like to think of it like 'The force' referred to in Star Wars...

the Jedi's were able to sense it, commune with it, and utilize it and felt it in every pore of their being...The Guru's wrote of the importance of Naam and meditating on it.

The force existed in everything, and supported all that existed...

We can only use descripted words like above to 'describe' it...
but once experienced...gurbani says no word can describe can only be experienced.

Some people experience it for brief moments during meditation on it...eventually they feel it, in presence and awareness of it 24/7. they are then aware of it in all beings and in all things, so all their actions are of compassion and love to all things...because they literally see no other than god everywhere...ONE

Just my thoughts Ji....nothing more :)

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