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Sikh “Turbanology” To Train Police Officers

Discussion in 'Sikh Sikhi Sikhism' started by spnadmin, Mar 24, 2010.

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    Sikh “Turbanology” To Train Police Officers


    A groundbreaking documentary exploring the role and symbolism of the turban since the London Bombings is to be used to train Officers at British Transport Police.

    It’s the first time that “Turbanology: After 7/7” has been licensed by a British law enforcement agency as an educational toolkit.

    Speaking about the licensing Paul Crowther the Deputy Chief Constable at British Transport Police said: “Understanding the communities we serve means we can better meet their needs, enlist their help in protecting the rail network and reassure them that we are looking after their safety. This DVD will help us do that for the Sikh and Muslim communities.”
    “British Transport Police would like more Sikhs and Muslims to join us as police officers and police community support officers, so they can share their community knowledge with colleagues directly.”

    The producer and presenter of the programme, which has toured internationally, says it’s a positive step in making sure those in a position of authority are well informed about the turban and the sensitivities that now surround it

    “Since 9/11 and 7/7 there has been a growth in misunderstanding about the turban” says journalist and filmmaker Jay Singh-Sohal. “Religious extremists have given the turban a bad name, and it’s affected the majority of peaceful turban-wearers who are simply following their religious belief and customs, whether it’s Islam or Sikhism.”

    Sikhs in particular, who stand out in a crowd because the turban’s an important part of their identity, have become the targets of unsocial elements within society who ignorantly mock or attack the turban. It’s made Sikhs the victims of Islamophobia, which the film addresses.

    Turbanology: After 7/7 is Jay Singh-Sohal’s debut documentary and delves into the perception that’s arisen with the advent of jihadist terrorism that the turban represents fear and extremism. Because of the lack of awareness about the turban there’s been an increase in attacks against turban-wearers, predominantly Sikhs.

    The theory is supported academically by “the turban test,” a psychological experiment in Australia in 2008 that found people profile who they think is a threat based on symbols they perceive to be Islamic such as the turban, the headscarf and the beard because of the profile of jihadist terrorists such as Osama bin Laden.

    To tacke this stigma, “Turbanology” takes the viewer on a journey to discover what the turban means in Islam, Sikhism and Christianity. It explores it’s symbolism for all three faiths and by narrating the experiences of people who’ve been affected by its negative connotation since the attack on the Twin Towers in New York and the London Bombings.[


    “I very much appreciate the dedication of Jay in making this documentary. It will help widen understanding of the importance of the turban in the Sikh faith.” - Dr Indarjit Singh CBE, Sikh Messenger[

    “A valuable resource in the current climate to understand misconceptions about faith and to build links with communities”
    Simone Whitehouse, RE Advisor Birmingham

    “Thought provoking, professional, fair, and positive. A film to remember.” - Cllr Diane Coad, Slough

    “A very commendable effort of looking beyond stereo-types and understanding the significance of the turban.” - Kabir Bedi, Actor

    “Well researched and fluently presented this documentary is a long awaited contribution to the crucial debate surrounding issues of identity and the wearing of turbans. It offers an intelligent, highly informative and original insight that will be an invaluable resource for a wide range of audiences.” - Anglo-Sikh Heritage Trust

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