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  1. spnadmin

    The Day Religious Officers Policed Another Faith In Malaysia

    The day religious officers policed another faith in Malaysia by Jennifer Gomez http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/the-day-religious-officers-policed-another-faith-in-malaysia What would a Christian and a lawyer of 33 years standing have to do with Islam? In most...
  2. spnadmin

    Oh Star! Prince George’s Leader Reads Robert Frost To New Police Officers

    Choose Something Like a Star - YouTube Prince George’s leader reads Robert Frost to new police officers By Martin Weil...
  3. findingmyway

    SALDEF UPDATE: Washington, DC, Becomes First Major City In US To Allow Full-Time Sikh American Police Offic

    SALDEF’s Eight Year Partnership with MPD Results in Uniform Policy Change Today the seventh largest police force in the nation became the first major police department in the United States to explicitly and voluntarily allow Sikh Americans to serve as full-time, uniformed police officers...
  4. R

    India IAF To Give Permanent Commission To Women Officers

    NEW DELHI: After winning a three-year-long court battle, women officers of the Air Force will now be accorded permanent commission for which an exercise has been initiated by the IAF. "Yes, we have already started the process for according permanent commission to women officers in...
  5. spnadmin

    Sikh “Turbanology” To Train Police Officers

    Sikh “Turbanology” To Train Police Officers http://www.{censored}/news.php?news=9146 A groundbreaking documentary exploring the role and symbolism of the turban since the London Bombings is to be used to train Officers at British Transport Police. It’s the first time that...
  6. K

    General Indian Army Faces Massive Shortage Of Officers

    Global Politician - Indian Army faces Massive Shortage of Officers Indian Army faces Massive Shortage of Officers Syed Ali Mujtaba, Ph.D. - 3/17/2010 The approval of the Union Government to open a second Officers' Training Academy (OTA) at Gaya in Bihar marks a major step to solve the...
  7. Vikram singh

    World War 1 English Officers In The Sikh Regiments Wore Turbans

    Vintage Pictures Of The British Army India : Part I The respect and affection that the English had for the Sikhs is well recorded. There is no historical evidence of the English entering Sikh places of worship and desecrating them.
  8. R

    Legal Supreme Court Disapproves Arrogance, Vanity Of Superior Officers

    Supreme Court disapproves arrogance, Vanity of Superior Officers <!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]--> http://www.uniindia.com/unilive%5Cun...B?OpenDocument <!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]--> The bench ordered that the People in power and authority should not easily...
  9. spnadmin

    Sikh Coalition US Government Reverses Ban On Sikh Federal Security Officers Wearing Bana

    This is the second win on constitutional rights by the Sikh Coalition this week. US Government Reverses Ban on Sikh Federal Security Officers Wearing Bana October 21st, 2009 by Arun Kumar Source: www.sindhtoday.net...
  10. S

    Sikh News Immigration Officer's Punjab Comments Offend Delegation (CBC British Columbia)

    British Columbia's attorney general has asked the federal government to look into a complaint that a Canadian immigration officer in India made derogatory comments about people from the Punjab region. More...
  11. S

    Sikh News Immigration Officer's Punjab Comments Offend Delegation (CBC)

    British Columbia's attorney general has asked the federal government to look into a complaint that a Canadian immigration officer in India made derogatory comments about people from the Punjab region. More...
  12. S

    Sikh News Punjab To Consider Lateral Postings For IFS Officers (New Kerala)

    Chandigarh, Nov 28: The Punjab government would consider the lateral postings of Indian Forest Service (IFS) Officers in departments like Science and Technology, Environment, Pollution Control Board, Rural Development, Water Resources, Medicinal Plants Board and Agro-Industries Corporation etc...
  13. S

    Sikh News Punjab Govt Transfers Six Police Officers (New Kerala)

    Chandigarh, Nov 7: The Punjab government today ordered the transfer of six Punjab Police Service (PPS) officers. More...
  14. S

    Sikh News Punjab Sidelining SC Officers: Buta (The Times Of India)

    Buta Singh has said that Punjab government is sidelining scheduled caste IAS officers in the state by appointing junior general category officers above them. More...
  15. S

    Sikh News Punjab Govt Seeks Views Of Police Officers On Media Role (New Kerala)

    Chandigarh, Sep 16 : The Punjab government has sought the opinion of senior police officers on the role of the media in crisis where damage, destruction of property and loss of life or injuries occur. More...
  16. S

    Sikh News Punjab Govt Transfers Three IAS, Two PCS Officers (New Kerala)

    Chandigarh, July 20: Punjab Government has transferred five senior officers, including three IAS officers and two PCS officers. According to an official release, Basant Garg (IAS) has been now posted as SDM Muktsar relieving Mr Amarjeet Singh. More...
  17. S

    Islam Compass Scraps Plan To Have Nation Of Islam Member Train Officers (Officer.com)

    NEW ORLEANS -- New Orleans Police Superintendent Eddie Compass is rethinking his plan to put a security expert -- who is also a member of the Nation of Islam -- in charge of sensitivity training for officers...
  18. S

    U.S. Officers In Iraq Put Priority On Extremists (washingtonpost.com)

    washingtonpost.com - BAGHDAD, May 8 -- Senior U.S. commanders say their view of the Iraqi insurgency has begun to shift, with higher priority being given to combating foreign fighters and Iraqi jihadists...
  19. S

    Top Army Officers Are Cleared In Abuse Cases (washingtonpost.com)

    washingtonpost.com - An Army inspector general's report has cleared senior Army officers of wrongdoing in the abuse of military prisoners in Iraq and elsewhere, government officials familiar with the findings said yesterday...
  20. N

    Sikh News Fight May Be Tied To Long-standing Dispute Over Vote For New Officers (Courier-Post)

    A ongoing dispute over the election of officers at a Sikh temple turned violent Friday night resulting in the stabbing of five people with long knives worn by members. http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/search/sikh/SIG=122cgu7fg/*http%3A//www.courierpostonline.com/news/southjersey/m042405j.htm