Sggsj. Experiencing The Sound Or Intellectual Understanding?

Discussion in 'Convert's Corner' started by Simranjit, Dec 19, 2017.

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    I agree with @Original ji. He has proved my point in a much better manner than I did. I thank him for that.

    Yes, Rom means "permeating every fibre of the body/or space".

    However, in this expression, fibre does not mean hair.

    i love you with every fiber in my body
    It means this girl/boy really truly loves you with every thing in them down to the last atom and molecule. Most people who say it are truly in love.
    "I love you with every fiber in my body"
    Urban Dictionary: i love you with every fiber in my body

    Hence, it is the perfect expression used but it has nothing to do with hair as wrongly translated in the SGGS by the Christian missionaries who had fallen in love with Sikhi.
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