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Apr 3, 2005
JALANDHAR: Once the question of language polarized people on communal lines in Punjab but in the Punjabi Jagiriti March, taken out for promoting Punjabi language here on Thursday on the occasion of International Mother Language Day, people witnessed participation from the rightist to leftist shades with RSS and communist activists walking through the city for promotion of Punjabi language along with hundreds of students of English medium elitist schools. If there were Gurudwara Committees supporting the procession so were the Mandir committees and Chirstian institutes.

This is for the first time that RSS activists, led by its Vibhag Parmukh Chander Kant, participated in the procession for promoting Punjabi language. Their participation assumes significance as the language issue in the state had been taking communal overtones in Punjab in the post independent India, especially in 1951 census, which ultimately led to widening of communal rift also. Apart from RSS activists, managing committees of a few Hindu temples, Patanjilee Yog Peeth, and a part of Brahmin Sabha also participated in the procession.

SS is a nationalist organization and Hindi is our national language but RSS has been giving due importance and respect to the diversity in languages. Second RSS head Guru Golwalkar had been very clear on the issue had been telling people to give due importance to their mother tongue in place of disowning it," said Chander Kant while speaking to TOI after the procession.

"While this procession is completely apolitical we believe that participation of all communities in this would solve the political problems also by detaching language from communal identities," said Manch secretary Deepak Bali and moving spirit behind the spirit along with general secretary Satnam Manak.

The procession, organized by Punjab Jagriti Manch, also saw presence of hundreds of students from almost all major English medium schools of Jalandhar where Punjabi speaking has almost become a taboo.

In the presence of these students of English medium schools and their teachers, along with students of several government school, a resolution demanding lifting of ban on Punjabi speaking in the schools was passed at Desh Bhagat Yaaadgaar Hall here where Punjabi Jagriti March concluded.

"Punjabi speaking is being banned in the schools and we request the state government not only to implement its Acts passed in 2008 for mandatory study of Punjabi in all school but should also ensure that no school banned speaking of Punjabi in its premises," read a resolution passed in the gathering. The prominent schools which participated in the procession included Swami Sant Dass Public School, Cabridge International.

Students from major colleges of the city including Trinity College, KMV. HMV, Doaba College, Lyallpur Khalsa College, DAVIET, BB Arya College, CT Institutes and Lovely Professional University.

The students were carrying placards and raising slogans in support of Punjabi langue. They were later regaled by prominent Punjabi singers Manmohan Waris, Satinder Sartaj, Harjit Harman.

The Punjab Jagriti Manch through a resolution demanded that if the Punjab government could not get Chandigarh for Punjab then it should seek division of the UT on the basis of 60:40 ratio as Punjabi language with every passing year was being obliterated from Chandigarh and original linguistic character of the City was being changed.



Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
Machiavellian Strategies at work... Simple Minded SIKHS will never understand....
Even an "Enemy" will sometimes ....attend someones Funeral procession and wail along with his dear friedns and family...extending 'solidarity"...but secretly "celebrating" the death of his enemy....REALITY is not always what it seems to has to look deep underground and read between the lines...after all even the RSS has its SIKH BRANCH aptly Named RASHTRIYA SIKH SANGAT !!!...and where the RSS goes..the "RSS" follows..Reminds me of the word TURNCOAT which was invented when in CANADA/USA..there were some TROOPS who wore TWO COLOURED UNIFORMS - Bright Red on one side..and BLUE on the other...whenever these soldiers saw the BRITISH approaching..they would wear their Coats with the Bright Red outside...and quickly take them off and wear the BLUE outside when FRENCH territory was near...and the ENGLISH LANGUAGE COINED a BRAND NEW WORD for this behaviour "TURN-COAT"...!!! Perhaps PUNJABI LANGUAGE also has to COIN NEW WORDS for all these Punjabi LOVERS !!Left..Right..Center...Jan sanghis BJPites..Akalis of Punjabi party..etc etc..all shades of ORANGE+RED.+ even WHITE.....but not a speck of REAL BLUE among them...:mundakhalsaflag::mundakhalsaflag:

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