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  1. Tejwant Singh

    SciTech Voyager 1 Has Left The Solar System — Almost

    http://www.latimes.com/news/science/la-sci-voyager-20130321,0,2604128.story Voyager 1 has left the solar system — almost By Monte Morin and Amina Khan, Los Angeles Times March 20, 2013, 8:09 p.m. The American Geophysical Union announces that the space probe has become the first...
  2. K

    General Right To Left All Shades Participated In March For Punjabi Language

    JALANDHAR: Once the question of language polarized people on communal lines in Punjab but in the Punjabi Jagiriti March, taken out for promoting Punjabi language here on Thursday on the occasion of International Mother Language Day, people witnessed participation from the rightist to leftist...
  3. spnadmin

    Heritage Priceless Belongings Of Guru Gobind Singh Left To Decay In Neglected Forts

    Relics and Heritage neglected: Including sacred belongings of Guru Gobind Singh Originally published in the Tribune. by Aman Sood http://www.tribuneindia.com/2013/20130212/punjab.htm MONUMENTAL NEGLECT IN PATIALA Priceless possessions left to decay in neglected forts. Among them are...
  4. K

    Opinion Poll Pact: Left Wants 30 Seats From Ppp

    Poll pact: Left wants 30 seats from PPP Poll pact: Left wants 30 seats from PPP Sarbjit Dhaliwal Tribune News Service Chandigarh, August 29 Keen on an electoral alliance with the People’s Party of Punjab (PPP), the Left parties -- the CPI and the CPM -- are preparing to contest 30...
  5. spnadmin

    Sikh Coalition One Week Left To Enter Diversity Video Competition!

    The Sikh Coalition News [ www.sikhcoalition.org ] August 9, 2011 Deadline reminder - August 15! You just have 7 days to submit your video to this year's Diversity Video Competition! You still have a chance to win $1,000, and have your film premiered at the Sikh Art and Film Festival...
  6. spnadmin

    Christianity Why I Still Want To Be Left Behind

    by Brenda Petersen When California preacher, Harold Camping, predicted the world would end this Saturday evening, several of my Rapture-ready friends insisted I finish reading the Left Behind series and make my preparations. Camping's ubiquitous billboard messages: "Blow the trumpet...
  7. K

    Interview Harbhajan Singh - 'Almost Left India For

    INTERVIEW HARBHAJAN SINGH - 'Almost left India for Survival on his mind, a young Harbhajan Singh came close to leaving India forever after the death of his father a decade back. “At that time, cricket was the last thing on my mind. I was thinking of going abroad where I was ready to...
  8. findingmyway

    Nature A Land Left To Drown By The ‘timber Mafia'

    From The Herald: A land left to drown by the ‘timber mafia’ Pakistan flood survivors receive food distributed by naval officials in Sangi Village near Sukkur, Southern Pakistan 29...
  9. spnadmin

    Canada Canada's History Of Migrant Ships Has Left A Flotsam Of Issues

    Aug 24, 2010 James Ellsworth The Tamil ship, MV Sun Sea, is the latest in a series of incidents in Canadian history concerning immigration, from Sikhs, to Jews, and now Sri Lankans. Migrants wanting to settle in Canada, often as refugees, have been coming by ship for centuries. The most...
  10. J

    A Question My Elders Cannot Answer

    I noticed that people who wear a kirpan always have it hanging on the left side. When i asked my family, they didn't have an answer and just said thats the right side to have it and it had never been questioned. So i'm just wondering if there is a specific reason for this? and if it would be...
  11. Admin

    1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom She Still Feels The Void Left By Father’s Death

    She Still Feels the Void Left by Father’s Death Nirpreet Kaur, who lost her father during the 1984 riots in Delhi NEW DELHI: From losing her home and father to joining the Khalistan movement in Punjab, from being jailed and picking up the threads of her life to becoming a garment businesswoman...
  12. K

    History Almost Every Muslim Was With Gandhi When Jinnah Left The Congress

    History might be better understood if we did not treat it as a heroes-and-villains movie, says eminent journalist and author M J Akbar, elucidating the Jinnah factor in pre-Independent India. "Well, young man. I will have nothing to do with this pseudo-religious approach to politics. I part...
  13. S

    Rare Sikhs Books For Sale On EBay - 6 Days Left

    Hi Guys, I am selling all my rare Khalistani Magazines, books and other Sikh related items on eBay. Just needed it to give to a good home. I hope you will enjoy the reads. Feel free to visit and click: eBay Canada Seller: urhomesold net: Books, Everything Else on eBay.ca at low prices...
  14. P

    After Realization No Personal Identity Left Anymore

    Before Realization of the TRUTH all say: 'THIS IS BUT A BODY AFTERALL'. Doesn't matter what one reads, what one writes, what one thinks- sense of 'I am body' stays, untill actual realization happens. So they think of others the same as well, without knowing their state of mind. They cant know...
  15. S

    Sikh News A Decade Of Blair Has Left Society More Segregated, Fearful And Divided (Guardian Unl

    Just a few days before Labour swept to power in 1997, Tony Blair was visiting a health centre in Brentford when a Sikh man approached him and asked: "What about us Asians?" More...
  16. K

    Apostasy-Child Snatched In Malaysia From Women Who Left Islam

    Found this on a blog:Ramblings of My Life "Apostasy - Shown on Al-Jazeera This was aired on the 20th April 2007 on Al-Jazeera news channel. Its about how a baby can be torn away from its parents because a Muslim woman dared to marry a non-Muslim. Watch the video below: YouTube - Everywoman -...
  17. Archived_Member16

    Sikh News Train Suicide Mother Left Note "blaming Family Pressures"

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=361170&in_page_id=1770 Train suicide mother left a note 'blaming family pressures' By BEN TAYLOR and KHUSHWANT SACHDAVE, Daily Mail The woman who dragged her two children to their deaths in front of a 100mph train...
  18. N

    Sikh News Mr Ram Singh From Nepal (left) And Mr Suresh Singh From Bihar At Mahadharmak Vidyalaya In Talwandi S

    Even as the young generation of Sikhs is going a stray, people from Nepal, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar are embracing Sikhism at Mahadharmak Vidyalaya here. Wearing a long kurta and a kirpan over it, they don t seem alien to Sikh religion at all...
  19. S

    Sikh News 50 Years Down The Line There Will Be No Big Parties Left In

    ... forget about democracy , politicians have killed humans for their own motives... remember anti sikh riots and post godhra - riots?? http://www.moneycontrol.com/msgboard/viewfullmsg.php?topicid=159656&usr_msgid=773959
  20. S

    Sikh News Sectarianism: Is It Left At The Office Door?

    ... religious discrimination. Neither of these cases involved Christian employees - one was a Sikh and one a Muslim. Perhaps workers ... http://news.scotsman.com/opinion.cfm?id=179852005