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Re Man Mere Sadha Harh Jaap Translation

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Re Man Mere Sadha Harh Jaap Translation


May 22, 2005
Omaha, NE
I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me about a particular phrase in the shabad "Re Man Mere Sadha Harh Jaap." In this shabad, it says "Aapun keeya kachu na hoy" which roughly means that through one's actions, nothing is accomplished. I was listening to this shabad once and Bhai Harbans Singh says that it also means that whatever happiness we have in our life is NOT due to our own deeds; rather, it is what God or fate has written for us already.

My question is, isn't our fate influenced by our past deeds? In other words, if whatever happiness we are feeling is not by our own actions but rather what God intended, why do we also say that our deeds in past lives influence what happens to us in this life? It seems like if we had good deeds in our past life the likelihood of being happy in this life is increased and vice versa. Yet in the shabad it says that our happiness has nothing to do with our deeds. Please explain where I fail to see the point. Thanks.



Mar 28, 2006
Respected orange_slice ji,

Guru Ji says- kar kar karna likh le jah aapey beej aapey hi khah.... that's why Guru Ji says- Naam Simar.....

forgive me please

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