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Please Expound On These Concepts In Sikhi: Sat, Santokh, Sanjam And Maya


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
singh is king ji

My recommendation would be for you to write a short paragraph giving your understanding of each concept or word. If you then have some thoughtful questions to follow, post them with each paragraph. That way the thread will have some direction and structure, different from many threads already posted on these subjects. As it is the thread starter invites a lot of duplication. Thank you.

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
Brahmin chuli SANTOKH ki...
Girhee ka SAT Daan,
Rajeh chuli NIAV kee,
Parraih SACH dhian....says NANAK...

1. For a Religious Leader (Brahmin..Gyani..Pandit Mullah etc) the Santokh is Sabar..CONTENTMENT..
2. For a Grishtee..married HOUSEHOLDER SAT is DASWANDH...a giving away of some part of his honest labour towards less fortunate beings..
3. For a KING..Government Leaders...JUSTICE is Paramount.. Rule without fear or favour..with compassion...corruption-free administration....
4. For an Educated person..gyaanwaan gyani...is to use his KNOWLEDGE to AWAKEN the PUBLIC to their Rights, fight for hUman Rights, freedom, etc etc

As you can see Guru Nanak ji has taken the age old "word concepts of Sach, Dhian, Sat Santokh etc etc" and TURNED THEM UPSIDE DOWN into PRACTICAL USEFUL WAYS instead of "mere words concepts"...so that we cna Chnage OUR LIVES for the better..
sat santokh etc are just empty word concepts...BUT in the LIGHT of GURBANI they becoem practical ways for us to use and change our lives as well as those around us....

As an example.."SAT..satee jat-sat..etc as an empty word concept was taken as "absitence...from SEX...a Brahmacharee..unmarried sadhu jogi etc who remained bachelor and shunned even sight of woman/girl was considered HOLY..height of spiritulaity by just being SINGLE !!! GURU NANAK SHATTERED this MYTH by turning it all UP SIDE DOWN. To Guru Nnaka Ji Sat-jat sat is NOT abstaining form SEX..its by getting Married, having a family, earning a honest living to feed and clothe that family..a HONEST down to earth HOUSEHOLDER....who then in complete "Jat-sat" has the Courage to SET ASIDE some fruits of his hard earned labour to help the less fortunate ones around him ( Radically different from.... the so called SINGLE Brahmcharee sadhus/jogis who come BEGGING at his DOOR while outwardly PRETENDING to be HOLIER THAN HIM by abstaining from WOMAN !! But dont mind eating food cooked by HIS WOMAN)..............

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