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  1. S

    Kavi Santokh Singh's Suraj Prakash And Nanak Prakash

    recently reading Kavi Santokh Singh's work, i noticed many errors and blasphemous statements like Guru Sahibs took afeem. Guru Ji only read Jap Ji swayiye 5 paures anand sahib, when sikhs married they did the marriage like the hindus during 10 Gurus time. Theres alot more stuff like this. I...
  2. S

    Please Expound On These Concepts In Sikhi: Sat, Santokh, Sanjam And Maya

    I am after following definations: -Sat -Santokh -Sanjam -Maya I will really appreciate if somebody explain above. Thanx
  3. spnadmin

    Noted Punjabi Writer Santokh Singh Dhir Passed Away

    Noted Punjabi writer Santokh Singh Dhir passed away PunjabNewsline.com - Noted Punjabi writer Santokh Singh Dhir passed away Punjab Newsline Network...
  4. Archived_Member16


    SANTOKH Santokh means Contentment and is one of five virtues that is vigorously promoted by the Sikh Gurus. The other four qualities in the {censored}nal are: Truth (Sat), Compassion (Daya), Humility (Nimrata) and Love (Pyare). These five qualities are essential to a Sikh and it is their duty to...
  5. P

    Bhai Santokh Singh (1787 - 1853)

    Bhai Santokh Singh (1787 - 1843) was a poet and historian, born on 8 October 1787 at the house of Bhai Deva Singh and Bibi Rajadi who were professionally cloth-printers of Nurudin village, also known as Sarai Nurudin, 7 KM northwest of Tarn Taran in Amritsar district of the Punjab. Deva Singh...