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Sikh News Players Thrown Out Of Meet For Trimming Hair

Jun 1, 2004
PATIALA, NOVEMBER 23: A Patiala-based college controlled by the SGPC has triggered off a controversy by debarring Sikh students from a sports meet for trimming their beards and hair.

The games, held on the Khalsa College campus under the patronage of the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC), ran into trouble during the last leg of the sports meet when the screening committee expelled several teams and athletes, including girls, for trimming their hair. In fact, the committee also took back the medals of some teams.


Jul 11, 2004
What has the world come to...

Why the hell, how the hell... can you even run in a meet underneath the name "Khalsa College"

Do these people not even feel any emotion at all?

If I do a major bad thing, and then go to gurdwara and look at our guru, I feel like committing suicide because I'm not worthy or something.

How do people like me and people who trim their hair because "its easier to play kabbadi" live in the same world?

You play kabbadi for tournaments how many times a year? 1, maybe 5 times maximum?

Is it worth increasing ur Kabbadi score by 10 points at the expense of losing ur kesh?

I don't understand the logic of these people.

Neutral Singh, your in us!

Girls waxing their arms, legs wuteva...I've made my case before that I think Kesh is only head hair. But to cut ur head hair, for a sport you play occassionally, and to run underneath the name of Khalsa. I fail to understand.

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